The Seattle Department of Planning and Development has approved a land use application from Swedish Medical Center to allow a 109,000 square foot addition to its existing Ballard campus, at 5350 Tallman Ave. N.W.

An environmental impact review is not required.

The expansion of the campus is to add a new outpatient center and medical office.

The project includes 35,060 square feet of hospital and 74,263 square feet of office space. Parking for vehicles will be provided within the existing 510 stalls on campus. Also included in the project, a 62 by 12 foot skybridge.

The new facility will be five stories high with 109,000 square feet. The site is adjacent to the current Medical Plaza Building.

The the campus was originally the Ballard Community Hospital and was built in 1928.


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I wanted to take a moment to thank you for choosing not to use the term "assisted suicide" in your recent article regarding the End-of-Life choice. Proponents of aid in dying have continually asked that media sources stop using the biased and inflammatory language of "suicide." This word is misleading and also can be very hurtful to family members of those who have chosen a peaceful death over intolerable suffering.
Being in the medical profession for over 35 years, I know only too well the vital importance of making our own choices.
Carolyn Clark


Swedish Medical Center has announced significant layoffs and it is unclear how the Ballard campus will be affected by the downsizing, said Ed Boyle, a spokesperson for the hospital chain.

"At this point, the Ballard campus is not being effected to the extent of the larger downtown campuses," said Boyle. Boyle was not able to confirm as of yet whether there would be any job losses in Ballard.

Earlier this week Boyle said, "The restructuring changes announced yesterday are in non-patient-care areas and the changes did not directly impact the Swedish/Ballard Campus."

Swedish announced this week significant financial losses during the fourth quarter, due in large part to the national economic downturn that has hit the health-care industry particularly hard. Therefore Swedish has taken difficult steps this week toward the financial health of our organization, according to the release.

Swedish has eliminated four vice-president and 22 director positions from the organization. Most leaders currently in those roles will be leaving by the end of the week. The vice-president positions eliminated include:

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Layoffs may be in store for Swedish Medical Center Ballard campus.

After Cindy McWilliams had her MRI, she went into the closet, shut the door, and screamed.

Lake Burien resident Sue Perez headed to the cafeteria and purchased a Twinkie, when told of her tumor.

They reacted differently, but they share a personal bond. They are breast cancer survivors who have endured a long journey.

McWilliams is the executive director of Angel Care Breast Cancer Foundation.


Bartell Drugs is launching an extensive vaccination program as the flu season approaches, including a full schedule of in-store vaccinations, pre-paid FluGram ca