Support from the city, Fauntleroy Community Association and the Fauntleroy Church and YMCA is helping to organize the local neighborhood around FCUCC to get prepared in case of an emergency or disaster.

This meeting will focus on sharing information on personal and family preparedness (creating a family disaster plan, a supply kit, out of area contact and more) and deciding if the local community wants to prepare together to care for each other during a major disaster (aka The Big One).

Organized tasks like search and rescue, shelter and special needs, communications, utility control, first aid and damage assessment will prepare the neighborhood in advance of a disaster.

Please contact Jackie @ the Church (932-5600) or Bob Fulford (935-4097) for questions.


Fellowship Hall @ Fauntleroy UCC Church
9140 California Ave SW
Seattle, WA
Phone: 932-5600 or 935-4097