Colman Pool opening June 30

Colman will open late in 2012 due to a major construction project that has some summer work required to complete. The capital project will begin in winter and run until June 29. The pool will open to the public on Saturday, June 30 which is 5 weeks later than usual. The pool traditionally opens on Memorial Day weekend.

This capital project is a major investment in the future of Colman Pool… after 70 years the deck will be replaced and the entire gutter system redesigned. In addition, an underwater leak will be repaired and new plaster liner installed.

Opening on Saturday June 30

Closed for 2012 Seattle Open Swim meet
· Senior Meet – July 5, 6, 7 (Thu, Fri, Sat). The pool will open to the public at 3:00 and operate a late public day until 8:00. Open on Sunday regular schedule. (event ends at 2:00 with one hour transition)
· Age Group Meet – Jul 13 and 14 (Fri-Sat) closed to the public all day. Open on Sunday regular schedule.
Historically these meets have resulted in six days of closure which has been reduced to only two days in 2012. Colman Pool has hosted these events every year since opening in 1941; prior to that they were held at West Green Lake Beach.

The summer swim season at Colman has been extended one additional week into September with the final day of operation now planned for Sunday, September 16