WWRHAH May 2014 meeting May 6

Date: 05/06/14
Location: SW Library Branch, 9010 35th Ave SW
Time: 6:15pm - 7:45 pm
Meeting Type: Public Meeting
6:15-6:30: Introductions & Community News:

SWDC looking for volunteers to form a Land Use Committee.

May 17th Citywide Emergency Drill: The drill runs from 9 AM until noon in various locations including West Seattle. It provides an excellent opportunity to learn more about the network of hubs throughout Seattle and hear how we can communicate using radio technology. West Seattle will activate the Ercolini Park neighborhood hub (see map) at 4700 SW Alaska Street.

Tonight is also Give Big and Dine out for Hunger benefitting the White Center Food Bank - Dine at Company, Proletariat, Mac's Triangle Pub, Zippy's, or Full Tilt and WCFB gets part of the proceeds. Also on May 6, The Seattle Foundation will stretch your donation!

6:30-6:35: Elections - Slate:

Chair: Amanda Kay Helmick
Co-Chair: Eric Iwamoto
Secretary: Joe Szilagyi

6:35-7:30: Committee & Neighborhood Council Updates

Metro Committee: Metro Public Meeting; Tuesday, May 13 - Union Station 5:30 p.m. - sign in/open house and 6:00 p.m. - public testimony; Plan C; Write a letter to save the 21?

Infrastructure Committee: SDOT updates, Ask DPD to make WWV a pedestrian retail zone?

Roxhill Bog Committee: Process Update; Work party in May

Roxhill Park Committee: Grant update

DNDC Reps: Pablo or Amanda

SWDC Reps: Rory or Eric

7:30-7:40: Other Business ?; Adjourn

7:40-7:45: Wrap Up: Breakdown the room; library locks up promptly at 8pm.

Next meeting is June 3rd 6:15pm - Guest will be Thorton Creek Alliance!