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Urban Partners has handed over ownership of the Burien Town Square to its lender, Corus Venture LLC. Urban Partners is being retained by Corus to manage the property.
Pete Marino, a spokesman for S.T. Residential said the property has been transferred to BTS LLC, an affiliate of Corus S.T. Residential.
Urban Partners has been working for nearly a year to renegotiate the terms of their construction loan on the Burien Town Square Project after the original loan lender, Corus Bank, failed in October of last year.
“We are extremely proud of what we’ve accomplished with the city and the extraordinary building we have given the community; we want to continue to be involved in its success,” said Paul Keller, Principal and Founding Partner of Urban Partners, LLC.
While the loan was being negotiated none of the remaining 118 condos or retail space could be sold. This has left the project a veritable ghost town. Six of the 124 condos were sold before Corus Bank failed.

Updated-Urban Partners gives ownership of Burien Town Square to bank, will manage property
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Photo by Keith Daigle

Urban Partners Dan Rosenfeld at the Burien Town Square opening in June 2009.

Around 6 a.m. Saturday, some residents in the 4000 block of 36th SW heard someone knocking at the door. When they discovered that the “someone” was a man dressed only in underwear, they decided to call 911. Officers spoke with the intoxicated fellow who didn't know where he was. It turns out he was wanted on a warrant from Spokane, so he was booked into King County Jail.

On Tuesday afternoon, two West Seattle High School students were caught drinking alcohol on school property. One of the girls had to be taken to Swedish for treatment. Although the girls said they'd been given the alcohol by a Sealth student, they refused to identify him.

As two women walked their dogs near 47th and Fontanelle, they were attacked by two dogs that jumped out of a parked truck. One of the women suffered bites to the leg, and the other woman's poodle was bit in the chest. A man drove off with the dogs before officers arrived.


Watered down

When she took a dose of her prescription codeine cough syrup, a woman realized that the bottle had been emptied and refilled with water. Her locked medicine chest had also been opened, and 2/3s of her pills were missing. Going downstairs, the woman tried to wake her daughter (who has a history of substance abuse), who seemed to be passed out, but with wide eyes and small pupils. The daughter later denied any involvement, and there was insufficient cause for arrest.

Sunday afternoon, officers and medics were dispatched to a local motel where a 49-year-old woman was deceased, sitting in a chair. Her boyfriend claimed the victim had been having trouble breathing. He also said that her severe bruises were several weeks old from a previous argument. The boyfriend—a north-end resident—was booked into King County jail for investigation of homicide.


This spring Seattle green thumbs will be unable to get their hands on the Woodland Park Zoo’s spring zoo doo compost.

As a conservation organization, Woodland Park Zoo is committed to being a steward of the environment and provides 100 percent recycled product to the public, said zoo spokesperson Gigi Allianic.

However, herbicide clopyralid was detected in the supply of zoo doo this year under its regular testing procedures and the levels were unacceptable.

“While it does not pose a risk to our animals it potentially is harmful to some plants that are vulnerable to it,” Allianic said.

Since then the zoo has made a change to use organic certified feed for their animals.

“We haven’t heard from the public yet since this news just came out, but because this is usually when our spring fecal fest is, it will be disappointing to those folks who commonly use it,” she said.

Zoo doo will be available again in the fall and two gallon buckets and pint sized containers are still available at the zoo store.


The Brown Bear Car Wash, located in Fremont at 3977 Leary Way N.W., dons a saran wrapped bronze bear to protect it while a scenery, consisting of rocks and logs, is created around it.

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Allison Espiritu

Bear-y good protection.

Despite rumors to the contrary, the Whole Foods project at the new development Fauntleroy Place is still a go, but some measures are underway to reduce the total cost of the $65 million project, according to the developers BlueStar Management/Development.
The decision to conduct "value engineering" was made after the first phase of the project was completed at the end of November, said Eric Radovich, managing director of public relations, marketing and human resources for BlueStar.

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BlueStar Management/Development

The Seattle Department of Transportation announced today (Jan. 23) its decision to change Fauntleroy Way Southwest to one travel lane in each direction, including a center turn-lane and bike lanes, often called a "road diet."
Between California Avenue Southwest and Southwest Edmunds Street, Fauntleroy Way will be converted from two travel lanes in each direction to one lane in each direction, a center two-way left turn lane, a bicycle lane northbound and shared lane pavement markings, for motor vehicles and bicycles, traveling southbound.

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