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Admiral Theater
2343 California Ave. S.W.
Movie tickets $5.50

On Tuesday, we celebrate Seniors (over 60) with one dollar off all day, $4.75. 
Tickets and showtimes available at http://farawayentertainment.com/location/admiral-theater/

4711 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116
206) 938-0339

Beveridge Place Pub
6413 California Ave. S.W.
Happy Hour: Monday through Friday, 3 to 6 p.m., Saturday and Sunday, 2 to 6 p.m.

The Bridge

The Bridge
6301 California Ave. S.W.
Food till Midnight every day!
SAT & SUN: 9AM - 2AM
HAPPY HOUR Monday-Saturday
3PM -6PM (food & drinks) 11PM- 1AM (drinks only)
10% discount (on beverages) for Teachers & Military with ID

Saturday- Brunch at 9am-2pm, full menu at 2pm
Sunday- Brunch at 9am-2pm, full menu at 2pm

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Sunset of the week 6-26-17

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Pat's View: The Right Play

By Pat Cashman

Did you happen to watch the Tony awards on TV a couple of weeks ago? It’s Broadway’s version of the Oscars---except instead of awards going to movies you haven’t seen, they go to plays you haven’t seen.

But on this particular Tony night, bunches of awards went to at least one play that perhaps you have seen---or at least heard of. That’s because while the movie industry has “remakes” ---and television has “re-runs”---the theater business has “revivals.”

One of the big ones this season is a musical from the 1960’s called Hello, Dolly! It’s loaded with tunes including one called Hello, Dolly! (Hope I didn’t just ruin the play if you’ve not yet seen it. Here’s a further ruination of a famous play: In Death of a Salesman---a salesman dies.)

As I watched the Tony broadcast---and the cast and producers of the legendary Hello, Dolly! took their bows---not one of them referred to the play as having saved a life. But that’s probably because they didn’t have the same experience with it that I did. (I’ll get back to that ‘saving a life’ thing shortly.)

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