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Admiral Theater
2343 California Ave. S.W.
Movie tickets $5.50

On Tuesday, we celebrate Seniors (over 60) with one dollar off all day, $4.75. 
Tickets available at http://www.farawayentertainment.com/admiral.html


4711 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116
206) 938-0339

Weekly drink and food specials Mon-Fri.
See website for details
Happy Hour
Mon-Thur 3-6pm
Late-Night Happy Hour
Mon-Thur & Sun 10pm-close.
Industry Night Sun-Mon
$1 off all drinks from 10pm until close (proof of restaurant industry required).

Live entertainment
Check our Calendar for Events

Beveridge Place Pub
6413 California Ave. S.W.
Happy Hour: Monday through Friday, 3 to 6 p.m., Saturday and Sunday, 2 to 6 p.m.

The Bridge
6301 California Ave. S.W.
Food till 1am every day!


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War of the Encyclopeadists by Christopher Robinson and Gavin Kovite a hilarious and heartbreaking investigation of youth and truth

After reading Chris Robinson and Gavin Kovite’s debut novel, War of the Encyclopeadists, I find myself wishing I could write about it in their narrative voice. I too want to be clever and sensually-aware and write lines like, ‘he drifted back to a sort of mental hand-wringing,’ and, ‘she moved in an invisible cloud of woman-smell.’ I too want to be as insightful and eloquent as the line, ‘life is just a string of ends, none of them simple, all of them seeds,’ suggests about these two young writers/friends.

Here’s another: ‘They had no real artistic talent, but they had a knack for carrying stupid jokes to their absurd conclusions.’ This is page one, and comes across as an explanation for each successive page to come, a challenge to the legitimacy of their own literature. Except that this is a novel about Halifax Corderoy and Mickey Montauk, who are and are not Chris Robinson and Gavin Kovite. What’s true? None of it. All of it. It might as well be.

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The new album from THE PINS is called Wild Nights available through their website http://www.wearepins.co.uk/

The PINS, Manchester rockers chart their own musical path to Seattle

by Lennon A. Curtin

All female rockers The PINS are set to appear at the Showbox SoDo Lounge in Seattle, WA on Fri, Jun 19, 2015 - 9:00PM. The Manchester England based band just released their second album "Wild Nights" which was recorded at Joshua Tree's Rancho De La Luna. Their music is evolving from a strong garage/punk ethic to something more textured but still raw. I spoke to the lead guitarist of THE PINS Lois McDonald about life on the road and her band.

What is the biggest challenge you deal with on the road as an all-female band?

“Touring with a band isn’t an issue of being all female, its anyone who is a musician who is on the road. Long drive, being in the same place all the time. We break it up with tourist activities in the different cities we go to. “

For this tour they brought their Sound Engineer along and he has been the driver for the most part.
“We have one chance to see things while out on tour, want to see as much as we can”

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