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Admiral Theater
2343 California Ave. S.W.
Movie tickets $5.50

Fri, Aug 22 - Thu, Aug 28

Earth to Echo (PG)
Fri - Thu: 4:05 PM

Transformers: Age of Extinction (PG-13)
Fri - Thu: 1:00, 7:30

Maleficent (PG)
Fri - Thu: (1:20), (3:40), 6:30, 8:40

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (R)
Sat: 11:59 PM

On Tuesday, we celebrate Seniors (over 60) with one dollar off all day, $4.75. 
Tickets available at http://www.farawayentertainment.com/admiral.html


September 11 - October 5, 2014
Seattle Premiere, 2010 Olivier Award Winner

The Mountaintop

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Pat's View: I Hear the Train a’Coming

By Pat Cashman

If you’ve traveled by plane lately, you know that airport security is tighter than a pair of Spanx.
The airport people want you to take off your shoes, coat, belt and watch. What’s next? Probably shirts, pants, funny nose glasses and toupees.
Then you’re scanned---and sometimes felt down (or up depending on your preference).
And then if you ever do get on the plane, you’re admonished to sit down, click on your seatbelt, turn off your cell phone---and have “a wonderful flight.”

So I offer now for your consideration---and lessened aggravation: traveling by train.
First of all, the Seattle King Street Station is conveniently located right alongside some tracks. It’s where the trains that annoy Mariner’s play-by-play announcers arrive and depart.

At the train station you buy your ticket, you go board. Sometimes you go through an X-ray machine, but it’s usually a breeze---unless you’re dressed in a suit of armor. Then you merely explain you’re traveling to a Renaissance fair, and they wave you on.

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Patrick Robinson
Luna Park Cafe owner John Bennett admits he didn't know much about restaurants when he opened 25 years ago. He credits all the people he has worked with and now employs for making the cafe not only successful but the hub of a thriving neighborhood business district.

SLIDESHOW: Luna Park Cafe celebrates 25 unique years

When Luna Park Cafe owner John Bennett opened the restaurant 25 years ago at 2918 SW Avalon Way he admits, he didn't have a clue as to how to run a restaurant. "I had the building next door (now a coffee shop), and I was running Jukebox City out of it but I was out of room. So I called the owner of the building here and asked if he wanted to sell. He said, 'Hell yes I want to sell,' because the tavern here, Pat and Ron's hadn't paid rent for six months and the apartments were run down and the scene of a lot of illegal activity Bennett explained.

So, he took on the task of creating the restaurant and his first partner, Sandra suggested borrowing the name from the amusement park that existed at Duwamish Head around the turn of the century. "It took us like half the time to figure out that we need to hire professionals," he said chuckling.

He already had a lot of memorabilia, acquired during his forays to find Jukeboxes a business he created. One of them is still central to the cafe's theme of retro wonderfulness.

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