LETTER: Speeding on Harbor Ave. gets you nowhere

To the person(s) who think(s) that driving on Alki/Harbor Ave is the same as driving on Interstate 5, may I have your attention for a few minutes? I Iive on Harbor Avenue. Leaving our condo and entering into the main flow of traffic usually presents some challenges so, one must exercise much caution when doing so.

In the morning when I am leaving our condo property, I look both ways on Harbor Avenue watching for an opportunity to safely enter the flow of traffic. If I see you in a vehicle that is 4 or 5 blocks away from me, I should be able to assume that you are traveling at the legal rate of speed (35 mph), permitting me to enter the road and then accelerate to the legal speed limit without impeding your rate of speed. I’ll even give you an extra 5 mph, just to be safe.

After I am onto Harbor Avenue and safely (so I believe) traveling at the legal limit, you speed up to me as I observe you in my mirrors as you decide to “tailgate” me for a while. I think you’re trying to get my attention.

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LETTER: Nickelsville deserves no support

To the editor,

It is untenable to support the so-called Nickelsville in any form. It is nothing more or less than a slum just like the favelas of Rio de Janeiro. Is that what we want Seattle to become, another Rio with its poor living in rickety homemade housing? It's time we stop wasting public money on frivolities like trying to get another ill-fated basketball team here and start paying attention to things that matter, things that have real bearing on the lifestyle of all of us. It's ironic that a big deal was made of flying salmon from Alaska in the same issue. Flip a few pages and you see people who have no hope of ever having a bite of salmon.

Walter Marquardt

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LETTER: Gossip can hurt

To the editor:
Imagine a student getting embarrassed or hurt because of a fake rumor about how he barfed in music class. Too much gossip and rumor are hurting students at middle schools because gossip can bully someone and he can get so bad they’re too scared to show they’re face. Also almost half of these rumors going around are a lie or get changed as it goes around and once someone says something you can’t take it back or delete it. There’s too much gossip hurting people in middle schools.

Students who gossip can bully a student and can get so bad that the person is too scared to show their face. Maybe you are just joking with a friend saying “did you hear that Maya likes Jake?” Your friend that you told this to might not think it’s a joke and spread this around. Think about if “Jason” or “Maya” hears that they may be mad or embarrassed because this is not true. Also, this stuff can get online and this could turn into cyber bullying. Even if this was a joke, this shows that students can be hurt by a rumor or gossip getting spread around. Gossip can and will take a wrong turn on someone.

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