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Body Worn Video cameras by Seattle Police officers are about to be tested.

What you need to know about police body-worn video cameras

With SPD starting its pilot program for body cameras this week here are the facts and policies to know

By Tim Clifford

On Dec.12 the SPD blotter webpage announced that 12 officers from the east precinct will begin wearing body-worn-video cameras (BWV) while on patrol. The Seattle Police Department will evaluate the results of this pilot program with the goal of implementing BWV’s in all precincts throughout the city.

Two different brands of cameras will be tested, one by Arizona-based tech company TASER and the other by Seattle-based company VIEVU. The technical differences between the two come down to the TASER camera recording solely in standard definition and coming with the ability to be worn on clothing and sunglasses while the VIEVU camera will record in both HD and standard definition but is only wearable on uniforms.

Both cameras are currently in use in New York and Los Angeles police departments. Each camera will be tested for 60-90 days at a time to determine the best fit for Seattle.

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Medicine Songs from the Time of Chief Seattle
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Gwen Davis
A public commenter said, regarding the Lake Union vacation plan: “I usually do not support vacations and streets, but in this case we’re saving it for a very good cause.”

Seattle City Transportation Committee optimistic about new transit funding and leadership

By Gwen Davis

The committee meeting on Tues. morning was upbeat and rich in the latest comments and news on transportation.

Updates you need to know:

—> “There was a great show of support for Metro in Seattle,” Tom Rasmussen said regarding the Nov. passage of Prop. 1. However, “this measure expires after six years. We’ll work with Olympia to have more sustainable funding for transit. It's not something we wanted to do, but the state did not pass a transportation budget during the legislative session.” But overall there is strong public support for transportation, which is encouraging. “While 20 years ago there were a lot of skeptics of the light rail, on this time around people want to see the light rail at their door step,” the Councilmember Mike O’Brien said. “It’s exciting to think what’s possible.” Rasmussen also agreed it’s “positive” to see how people are now in favor of the light rail. Folks "on the ground are really hungry for good public transit and light rail is part of that and that’s exciting,” O'Brian said.

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