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Coming soon to a site on Harbor Ave. S.W. just south of the entrance to Jack Block Park will be the Duwamish Mobile Market. The site will be home to up to 40 mobile vendors from food trucks to fashion, jewelry, art and more.

Duwamish Mobile Market will bring up to 40 businesses to West Seattle; Mission statement released with more details

All on wheels the venture will feature food trucks and other mobile vendors on Harbor Ave. S.W.

UPDATE 10am July 23
The owners of the upcoming Duwamish Mobile Market have released a mission statement and a list of what remains to be completed before the site can open.

Mission Statement

The Duwamish Mobile Marketplace is an outdoor market for mobile trailers to sell products (food, jewelry, arts, crafts, merchandise, and services) servicing the people of West Seattle and tourists--with the Duwamish Tribe as its central theme. The vendors are all local, grassroots merchants, that will represent diversity, sustainability, and peaceful gatherings at the market. Aside from shopping, visitors will be able learn the history of the Duwamish tribe and how it contributed to the creation of Seattle. By using bulletin boards, story poles and special events, the colorful history, rituals, artwork, music, and dance of the Duwamish people will be shared and exposed to all visitors who are interested. The marketplace is a practical place to buy and sell, as well as a peak into the culture and the history of the people that helped to create Seattle then and now.

Things to be done:

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On the Go - Week of 7-21-14


Discovery Shop
4535 California Ave. S.W.
206 937 7169
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New Alzheimer’s Association West Seattle Caregiver Support Group
Providence Mount St. Vincent
East Dining Room
4831 35th Ave. S.W.

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David Rosen
Byron Barton, his arm raised in solidarity with a protest against his eviction, was put in an ambulance, intended for the VA Hospital. Protesters blocked the ambulance departure and Barton was removed and put on the street.

UPDATE 3- SLIDESHOW: Scene of an eviction; Barton family evicted from home amid protest

By Tim Clifford

UPDATE Sunday July 20 5:30pm
Tomorrow the Barton family and S.A.F.E. are planning to hold a press conference in front of City Hall at 8:30 a.m. "We are hoping that the mayor will tell SPD to stand down" said Jean Barton of the goal for tomorrow's conference.

Taking inspiration from a similar incident that occurred in Oregon the Bartons are hopeful that they can get the attention of the mayor and prompt him to stop SPD from taking them out of their home again. Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant is expected to speak tomorrow as well.

UPDATE 6:50pm

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