Grace Robertson

Grace Anna Robertson

Grace Anna, born March 21, 1921 in Volga, Indiana to Hazel
and Frank Sullivan was welcomed home by the open arms of
her Lord Jesus Christ on December 28, 2008 where husband
George had been waiting 29 years.  It is with love that we
share her life.  Grace was a resident of West Seattle
since 1959 and a proud member of West Seattle Christian
Church since 1978.  She was an awesome bowler and coach of
many at West Seattle Bowl.  Traveling the world and
collecting many memories along the way, she also served as
a missionary in England.  Her compassion for people led
her to volunteer for over ten years at Seattle’'s Peniel
Mission clothing room and countless hours at Childhaven.  
Whether a friend or stranger, you could always depend on
being greeted by her kind eyes, wide smile and deep
dimples.  Her love for God was present in everything she
did; her favorite wonder being God’'s rainbow; his glory
ever-shining through her love and creativity.  She was
proud to be re-baptized in the River Jordan.  When her
loved ones gathered to celebrate her surprise 80th
birthday in 2001, Seattle Mayor Paul Schell issued a
proclamation that March 10th to be known Grace Anna
Sullivan Robertson day in Seattle.

She was proud to lead her family of five generations.  
Among her survivors are: Daughters Nancy Cregan and Donna
Craw.  Grand-children Tammy Welch, David Bird, Carrie
Japic, and Theresa and Tracy Craw.  Great-grandchildren
Tim, Christy, Anthony, Austin, Chloe, Sydney Grace, Tommy,
Reese and her fifth-generation “love at first sight” great-
great grandson, Cole Michael.  Grace is also survived by
many nieces, nephews and cousins in her great state of
Indiana, in addition to many other friends and loved ones
around the world.

A memorial celebrating her life was held Sunday, January

Grandma, we are lost without you, but know you are with us

Published in the West Seattle Herald January 7, 2009.


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She was proud to lead her

She was proud to lead her family of five generations.
Among her survivors are: Daughters Nancy Cregan and Donna
Craw. Grand-children Tammy Welch, David Bird, Carrie
Japic, and Theresa and Tracy Craw. Great-grandchildren
Tim, Christy, Anthony, Austin, Chloe, Sydney Grace, Tommy,
Reese and her fifth-generation “love at first sight” great-
great grandson, Cole Michael. Grace is also survived by
many nieces, nephews and cousins in her great state of
Indiana, in addition to many other friends and loved ones
around the world.Link Building Firm

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