Eleanor Louise Parliament

Born July 11,1918 in Seattle, Washington. Died December 7, 2005 at Life Center in West Seattle.

Given to an orphanage, Washington State Children's Home at the age of nine. Live in many foster homes in Western Washington.

A 1937 graduate of Puyallup High School. Was a "Rosie the Riveter" for Boeing during WWII, worked at

NOFW Library. Loved writing songs playing piano, organ, ukelele, banjo, mandolin and harmonica. Entertained at local Senior Center of West Seattle and Channel 9 television.

Married to Lloyd Landon in 1943.

Two daughters: Marilyn Landon and Leslie.

Deceased: Melody Lou Landon.

Two grandchildren: John Guedon and Todd Guedon.

Frank Parliament, husband preceded her in death.

Donated her eyes for medical research to Lions.

All donations to Channel 9 television. She had a private memorial.