Hugh Joseph Miller


Hugh has gone to be with the love of his life Mary Lou. They both now reside for eternity with God in Heaven. For those of us that remain here on earth we find comfort in the knowledge that they are reunited once again. Hugh has been in mourning for thirty-two months since Mary Lou departed to secure their reservation with our Heavenly Father. His spirit was reawakened on the 25th of March when he became aware that God was ready for him. In passing Hugh experienced the same dignity with which he lived. Hugh was gentle giant among men. Hugh passes on a wonderful example of the goodness that comes with having a well-rounded, self sufficient, spiritual life; many friends and a loving family.

Hugh was born in Peru Indiana. His family moved to Seattle and started a local business. What was to become the present day Husky Delicatessen. It was then what it is now, a family operated business. Hugh's sister Alyce, and nephew Jack are there daily as well as nieces, nephews with a host of friendly local patrons. As a teenager Hugh spent time with relatives on a family farm in Indiana. It was there that he learned everything there is to know about farming and the love of seeing the fruits of his labor. Hugh also loved animals. For the last few years he and his dog Charlie could be found often at the Husky, or sharing a meal at home. The two went everywhere together expect Church on Saturday evening.

Hugh enlisted in the Army during the Second World War and was fortunate enough to return to marry the apple of his eye, Mary Lou Jacobson. The young couple spent a short time in Illinois farming. They later moved back to Seattle where Hugh helped with the family business by becoming the master of making the famous Husky "Cream of the Town". This while also working as a crew lead at General Tire and then later retiring from the Dairy business. Hugh then started a new career as a mater gardener in the landscape business. Hugh's work was visible all over the Arroyo Beach, Marine View Drive, and Sunset Avenue areas of West Seattle. If you were to see a "Pom-Pom" styled shrub around town you would most likely be looking at some of his artwork. He stayed working in this business until Mary Lou insisted that he spent some time at home with her and he had worn out just about every joint in his body.

Hugh and Mary Lou had three children, Daniel Miller, Susan Ponselle, and son in law Robert, and Eileen Miller. Their grandchildren were their pride and joy, Mike Chambers, Christine Chambers, Cherie Ponselle, and Angela Ponselle. We will all forever Love and miss them. We find comfort in knowing the fine example of what in life lives on in us. We pray for the wisdom and the knowledge to set the same example foe those around us. Uncle Hugh and Aunt Mary also leave behind a host of nieces and nephews that were touched by there love, kindness, and generosity. The Miller children all have wonderful memories of times in the Arbor Heights neighborhood and at the swim club.

We celebrate your lives Mom and Dad. You have given us everything we ever needed. You have shown us kindness, love, compassion and caring and given us the spiritual compass to guide our children's lives. We will miss your earthly presence, and the chance for face-to-face consultation. Your spirits are forever alive in our hearts and our souls. We are so happy that your are together once again and your journey is now complete. Until we are able to join you once again in the kingdom of Heaven, our love and gratitude are yours forever and ever.