Ralph L. Headman

Ralph L. Headman was born June 29, 1936 at home n West Seattle and passed away April 20, 2006. Ralph grew up and lived in West Seattle until September 2000. He and his wife, Mary, currently reside in Maple Valley.

Throughout the years, Ralph exhibited strength and unyielding determination.

Seventeen years ago, he suffered a major stroke which caused paralysis and affected his ability to communicate. Even with this setback, Ralph worked until he could walk again using a quad cane and could be seen walking all over the Admiral community in search of remodeling projects, which he loved to watch progress. He made many friends in the community and would often receive rides home from complete strangers after spending his day "supervising" remodeling sites he managed to find.

In March 2001, Ralph suffered another major setback which left him unable to walk. Despite this, he continued to try to find joy in each day.

In February 2006, Ralph was diagnosed with terminal cancer. He fought a two-month battle before finally laying to rest on April 20, 2006.

Ralph is survived by his wife, Mary; three children, Linda Tervo, David Headman, and Lisa Poole; three stepchildren Steven Bailor, Wade Bailor, and Michele McKee; nine grandchildren; daughters-in-law, Susie and Bonnie; sons-in-law, Jim, and Jeff. He also leaves behind his brother Earl Headman, sister-in-law, Barbara, and niece Pam White and family.

We wish to thank the people of West Seattle's Admiral area for sharing their kindness with Ralph. So many people were a part of helping him learn to communicate again and giving him a renewed interest in life. Among these people were the Simpson brothers, Ray and Steven, and their sister Sue.

A special thank you to our beloved friend, Ray Hayes, and his wife Peggy for doing so much to help make our lives better. Thank you to Frank Sheedy, also of West Seattle and friend to Ralph since high school, who was there to assist after Ralph's stroke. Thank you to Leroy Grey of West Seattle, who also helped us to manage a little easier.

The biggest thank you of all is for Linda, Steven, Wade, Michele and their families. Their love, support and help through the years made our lives easier. We were full of joy being surrounded by all of them.

At Ralph's request, there will be no service. There will instead be a celebration of his life to be held Sunday, April 30, at Salty's Restaurant on Alki, beginning at 1 p.m.

In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Swedish Home Hospice.