Maria Beldi

Born in Kronstadt, Romania October 4, 1916

Departed September 4, 2006, Seattle, WA.

Service: Private

Maria Beldi was born in Kronstadt, Romania. The youngest of five daughters to Julia and Johann Nedwed. She was schooled in Kronstadt and enjoyed hiking, biking, running, swimming and alpine skiing.

In 1945, the Soviet Union occupied Romania. Maria and middle sister Elizabeth stayed behind to care for their elderly mother. They were captured and forced to work in Siberian Labor coal camps. They survived due to their willpower and support of each other. Near the end of the war they were released due to severe illness and sent to East Germany. Here they heard Maria's childhood sweetheart was still alive and escaped from a battalion, which left only eight members standing. Together the three and other family members fled to Austria. Maria Nedwed married Walter Beldi and daughter Hedda was born.

In 1954, the Beldi family immigrated to the USA with assistance of the German United Lutheran Church of Christ. They settled in Seattle's north end near Maria's oldest sister who immigrated two years earlier. Soon middle sister Elizabeth immigrated to the USA and son Dieter was born to Walter and Maria. The three sisters enjoyed being together, now all with husbands and children. In the mid-1960's the family moved to West Seattle to be closer to Walter's work at the Alaska Junction jewelry store currently Manashe and Sons. Son and daughter graduated from West Seattle High School and University of Washington.

Outdoor and sport enthusiasts Maria and family particularly enjoyed camping, hiking, biking, swimming, and snow skiing. Maria was active in various ski clubs, dance clubs, social help originations and the ladies aid auxiliary club of their church. She often helped friends, neighbors, and family in times of need. Her biggest challenge was to keep up with active husband on all his outdoor adventures. Maria was one of only a few who could.

Maria will be remembered for her quiet support of family and friends. She accomplished much, lived a full, complete, and often astonishing positive life. As the youngest of five, closely spaced, sisters, Maria quickly learned how to get what she wanted without drawing attention. She moved through life with a soft quiet nature fully aware of her wants and needs to accomplish whatever task was at hand. Strong of will and a positive spirit. Everyone around her understood to never count her out.

Memorial donations in Maria's name - German United Church of Christ. 1107 E. Howell, Seattle, WA 98122. Dedicated to the ladies Auxiliary.