Marion Douglass

Marion Douglass, the grande dame of the Beach Drive dead-enders, passed away at her home on September 28, 2006. Friends and family � two-legged and four-legged � will miss her dearly. Marion and her identical twin, Madge were born in April, 1917. They were raised in Seattle with her brother, Stuart, and older sister, Jean. Marion spent much of her professional career as an illustrator and display artist for the Bon March/ before retiring to her home on Beach Drive. Marion, together with twin and brother-in-law, Harry, turned two little beach houses into the wonderful house that stands today. She donated her time, money and advice to the local cancer thrift shop and animal welfare. Marion offered sanctuary and support to those in need, including dogs, cats, otters, dear friends and inquiring children. She provided sparkling table talk for her many friends, spiking conversations with blue comments for her red guests and red comments for her blue guests. She taught the young on the alley to sketch, and shared with them her collections of costume jewelry and old coins. She regaled their parents with stories of Blake Island picnics from the days when Blake Island was still a haven for prominent Seattle citizens. She never received a sample meal or recipe without returning the plate full of brownies. With her detailed tracking of the Douglass genealogy and her ability to bring stories to life with family heirlooms, Aunt Suzie and all the others will always be remembered by her grand-niece, Sara a.k.a. Madame Queen, and grand-nephew, Patrick. A memorial service will be held by her family on October 20, 2006. In lieu of flowers, please send donations to: Homeward Pets Adoption Agency, PO Box 2293, Woodinville, WA 98072. Marion, you enriched the lives of all who had the pleasure to know you. We will think of you fondly as we sit on the bench in Lowman park dedicated to Madge and Harry�s memory and will do our best to prevail even in your absence.