Rodney A. Moore

Listen to your heart. To the story of a most beautiful man born in to this world a fraternal twin 2 minutes apart from no ordinary love. He is one of a kind. Born of a very beautiful and most precious mom and a beautiful dad he never knew. Although he spent most of his life in mourning of both these losses, he strive to grow mature and persevered to find a life, love and to be blessed with a most beautiful child of his own and many many friends family and admirers who are at a loss without his beautiful eyes his big gazing smile and a most striking presence that no one ever dare forget. Colo-rectal cancer has closed his eyes and silenced his voice but we take comfort that he stayed strong and fought until his very last breath. We take comfort that he isn't in pain anymore. We take comfort that he has found peace in the loving arms of his lord and savior and in the arms of his mom, dad, granny and everyone that he and his precious heart has missed all of his 22 years on this earth. We will always love and miss him forever more.

Love Tia.