Claudia Rae


Died on Feb. 18, 2008 at the age of 65. She was a unique and captivating woman who lived life her own way and left an unforgettable impression on everyone she knew. She was many things but more than anything a mother , a grandmother and a great-grandmother. Her family was absolutely the most important thing in her life. She was the envy of all of her peers, because she was always surrounded by her kids and their kids. Which was exactly how she always envisioned her life. Claudia was the kind of person who left everyone she spent time with better than she found them. Creative, crafty and smart (just ask her, she'll tell you), she was much sought after for her thoughts and insights. She loved to argue politics, discuss philosophy, and constantly ask questions; seek knowledge. She read every day of her life, wrote in her journals and sketched endlessly. Claudia lived a full life and will be incredibly missed by her three children, nine grandchildren, five great-grandchildren, and the scores of people she adopted and attracted into her world. There will be a memorial service to celebrate and remember her Saturday, March 1, 2008 at 1 p.m., located at Howden-Kennedy Funeral Home.