Reynold Dominic BIAVA 1927 - 2012

Rey Biava, 85, passed away in Seattle, Washington October 19, 2012. He was born on the South Side of Chicago September 24, 1927. At age 10, his family moved to Marseilles, Illinois where he graduated from Marseilles High School in 1945. Rey joined the Army in November 1945.
A few years later he met Mavis Zuhlke. They married April 23, 1949 and had six children, living in West Seattle from 1966 to 1971. Rey was a proud Italian American and a prominent member of the Sons of Italy and Knights of Columbus. Life was a challenge for Rey, a bricklayer, and Mavis raising their 6 children, but he always provided for his family. Three of their children stayed in Seattle when they moved away in 1971.
Mavis passed away in 2008 and Rey lived in a Retirement Community in Longview. His children moved him to Seattle in March 2012 to be closer for them to care for him. Rey spent his last 7 months at Merrill Gardens where he added that “Italian Spice” to the whole community. He was blessed to meet another resident, Louise Maronne, and they were inseparable to the end. It seemed to be one of the happiest times of his life where he was a participant in life and not just a spectator.
Predeceased by daughter, Kathleen (John) Trinwith (2005), Rey is survived by five children, Ellen (Dick) Minyard, Patrice (Dennis) Teague, Jim (Susan) Biava, Barbara (Tom) Layer, and John (Nikki) Biava; nine grandchildren; four great-grandchildren; and brother, Robert (Gayle) Biava.
Services will be held at Saint Mary’s Church in Castle Rock, WA November 3, 2012, 10am, and Green Hill’s Cemetery immediately after.


He definitely lived so a long

He definitely lived so a long and great life. So much that he offered to this great community. He will be dearly missed so much.

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Known for her gentle spirit, warm heart, a love for life essays uk and laughter, she is greatly missed.

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Mavis passed away in 2008 and

Mavis passed away in 2008 and Rey lived in a Retirement Community in Longview and his death make us all regretful.

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