Joyce McKenzie (Wilson) BOZEAT 1951-2013

Joyce Bozeat left us June 3, 2013. Born in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1951, Joyce lived her 61 years with enduring grace. Her beauty emanated from within and made the world glow. Those who knew her fell in love with her. She cherished her friends, continuing to make new friends right up through her final days.

She loved to travel, eagerly embracing both the new and old world, and her many years in Africa — loving the grandeur of nature and the comforts of champagne. Along with John, her husband of 40 years, they loved to sail the waters of the west coast, scuba-dive the warm oceans, and hike natures challenges in so many parts of the world. Add on the desire to see the wonders of this planet and you have an idea of her soul — to see, experience and treasure her many ambitions with an ability belying her stature.

Beyond nature, Joyce was passionate about the arts, especially opera, keenly supporting Seattle Opera and loving the process of learning, and appreciating the mix of words, music, drama and emotion.

There will be a memorial for Joyce on June 30th, 2 p.m. at Alki Temple, 4736 40th Ave. SW, Seattle. You can visit her guestbook at John hopes you will come to honor your memories of Joyce; bring flowers if you like - she loved ’em, and donations may be made in her name to Seattle Opera - you will bring a smile to her beautiful face.

In her final days Joyce wanted to thank all her friends for their kindness to her, and to suggest that you do not delay your ambitions. Life has been too short for Joyce. She fulfilled her span, but yearned for more.

Published in The West Seattle Herald print edition June 21, 2013


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