A note about some changes- Westside Weekly becomes Westside Seattle

By Ken Robinson
Managing Editor

When Jerry Robinson took the role of editor and publisher of the White Center News in 1951, he was 31. The newspaper was three years younger, first published in 1923, Then, and for many years thereafter, the paper often featured what Dad called “ham dinner” stories involving a brief report about one couple visiting another for dinner. As the town grew, the details of news stories also grew. By 1962, what eventually became Robinson Newspapers included The Federal Way News, Des Moines News and then in the 1970's The West Seattle Herald, The Highline Times and later the Ballard News Tribune. Each community has a distinct character. And still does. But in the years since, the communities have grown together in a way.

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Amanda's View: Mask-making

By Amanda Knox

In my experience, conferences can make you feel high. Between the panels, plenaries, and a sea of old and new faces, you end up inevitably spread thin, over-stimulated, and under-slept. And it’s great, because during those few days packed with professional, social, intellectual, and emotional activity, you’re swept up by a frantic, inspired joy that’s supposed to carry you through another year.

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Jean's View: Making Newspapers Matter

By Jean Godden

I have been branded an enemy of the American people. In other words, I am a journalist, someone who worked reporting the news most of my working life. As a Seattle councilmember, I briefly changed roles and made the news, but I never stopped asking questions, seeking answers, taking notes and believing that news, truth-telling and newspapers matter.

It was President Trump who in February attacked the news media as "the enemy of the American people." While "the enemy" seemed just another example of Trump's hateful excesses, it, nevertheless, was an especially chilling statement.

Trump may not have known the history of "enemy of the people," a phrase used during the French Revolution's Reign of Terror to mark opponents for execution. It was also used by Joseph Stalin to kill and imprison millions and by the Third Reich's Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels who referred to Jews as "sworn enemies of the German people," prologue to the mass murders of the Holocaust.

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