Letter: Violent video games are not responsible for violence

Dear Editor:

Imagine a world filed with chaos, a place where every street is unsafe to walk on and every town is a frothing cesspool of violence and danger. That is what the world would be like if games such as Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto, which have often been accused of causing violence, actually followed through with these claims. Many people have different standpoints on the debate of whether nor not violent video games cause violent behavior and after seeing my research I guarantee that you will agree with mine. My view on this issue is that no, they do not cause violence. I say this because millions play these games and only small handfuls are the ones committing these acts, people committed violence before video games were even heard of, and finally, little is actually known about the correlation between violence and video games.

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Pat's View: Memorial Day

By Pat Cashman

Small towns come in all sizes: Teeny to teeny-weeny; bitty to itty-bitty; eentsy-weentsy to itsy-witsy.
The one I grew up in was more on the dinky side---and while it gained some population through the years, it never became much above piddling.

But that just made it easier for Pat Cashman to know everybody in town. Not me---my dad, Pat Cashman, Sr. He knew them all.

I never called him the “old man” because I could never really tell his age---at least not without carbon dating.

Sometimes he seemed like he was a bit slow and shuffling---so I guessed him to be in his 30’s.
But then, he’d slip from his apparent dotage---and suddenly shoot a basketball swisher in our driveway from 40 feet away, grab his own rebound---and then drop another on my brothers and me.

However old he may have been, he was tall for his age: at least 6 foot 6---and he really did seem to know everyone in our pint-sized, sawed-off, one-horse town. He loomed like Gulliver in Lilliput.

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Georgie's View: Dating throughout the ages

By Georgie Bright Kunkel

It would be exciting to obtain a time machine and set it to ages past in order to observe the dating rituals from time immemorial. Then I got to thinking, maybe there was a time when there was no dating. Maybe the Neanderthal male just walked around with his club and when he needed sex he took it without asking. It would be interesting to flash back to the days before the modern world evolved a dating ritual. Women went to dances dressed in their enticing best and waited for a man to choose them. Then after marriage the woman took the man’s last name and women were not important outside the world of their husband’s sphere. Women didn’t even get to vote in this country before all men were allowed that privilege. As I have probably mentioned before, my mother didn’t get to vote until two months before I was born. And since my father had died before I was born I didn’t have the same sheltered upbringing that most young girls had in my day.

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