Police blotter Week of 10-5-15

Friends to the end
William Blake once wrote, “it is easier to forgive an enemy than it is to forgive a friend.” One suspect in an armed robbery that occurred along the 5200 block of California Ave. S.W. on Sept. 25 is putting this expression to the test after he decided to set up and rob an old friend of his.

According to the victim the suspect is an old buddy who is mostly known by his nickname (which was redacted in the police report). On Sept. 25, around 10:45 p.m., the suspect called the victim and asked him if he would want to catch up that night. The two acquaintances hadn’t seen each other in about a year. The victim agreed to meet up and waited for the suspect to pick him up outside of his apartment complex.
The suspect arrived in a newer model Chevy Malibu with another subject driving. The victim had never met this man before and does not remember if his name was ever mentioned. They opened the door for the victim and asked him to get in.

Once the victim got in the backseat the driver turned around with a large black revolver in hand and ordered the victim to hand everything over. The victim gave his wallet and cellphone to the driver and the suspect. Once the car began rolling away from the curb the victim quickly opened the door and jumped out, running away as fast as he could. The suspects sped away.

Using the another device to track the GPS signal on his cell phone the victim attempted to track down the suspects before calling police. The signal was lost soon after the suspects’ car reached I-5. The victim supplied the police with as much information about his former friend as he had. The suspects remain at large.

For the taking
On Sept. 24 police were called to the 1000 block of S. Cloverdale St. after a man called to report that he could see burglars in his neighbor’s home passing items out of the window. This neighbor was alerted to the break in by another neighbor who does not speak English.

The complainants called at 12:25 p.m. and responding officers arrived at 6:15 p.m. According to the complainants the non-English speaking neighbor observed an unknown man handing a television to an unknown female from his neighbor’s window. When he ran over and yelled at the two suspects to stop the female ran off with the t.v. while the male went back inside and eventually leapt out with a black box under his arm. Both suspects ran to an apartment complex located on the 800 block of S. Cloverdale St.

The complainants explained that they both have seen the suspects walking in the neighborhood before and are sure they live in the apartment complex they ran to. The victim of the break-in was left with a victim’s follow up form and asked to make an inventory of all that was taken. The suspects remain at large at this time.

Crimes reported between Sept. 25 and Oct. 2

Burglaries by block: 8600 block of 7th Ave. S.

Car prowls by block: 3000 block of 38th Ave. S.W., 3000 block of S.W. Orleans St., 2900 block of S.W. Avalon Way, 4900 block of Erskine Way S.W., 8600 block of 13th Ave. S.W., 4000 block of S.W. Concord St., 2800 block of S.W. Barton St., 2600 block of S.W. Barton St., 9000 block of 22nd Ave. S.W., 9400 block of 5th Ave. S.W.

Car thefts by block: S.W. Stevens St. and 61st Ave. S.W., 3000 block of 60th Ave. S.W., 45th Ave. S.W. and S.W. Hinds St., 4700 block of 44th Ave. S.W., 6300 block of 34th Ave. S.W., 6500 block of 18th Ave. S.W., 800 block of S. Cloverdale St., 10200 block of 42nd Ave. S.W.

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