Police blotter week of 8-24-15

By Tim Clifford

Sucker punched in Roxhill Park
Police received a call just before 7 p.m. on Aug. 15 from Roxhill Park concerning a man who was assaulted, robbed and left unconscious in the bushes. Officers responded to the 9400 block of 30 Ave. S.W. just as medics were beginning to examine the victim. The victim was very lethargic and gathering the details leading up to his assault was a timely process.

On Aug. 14 the victim had gone to Key Bank and withdrawn over a thousand dollars from two tellers. He then went outside and withdrew an additional $200 from the ATM. The victim explained that his rent was due this week and he was trying to gather the $1500 he needed before the end of the weekend. The next day he went to a Bank of America ATM and attempted to withdraw another $200 but was declined since his account was overdrawn.

Frustrated with the machine he pulled out all of the cash that he had so far and began counting it. While he was doing this a group of four people walked up behind him, laughing, and proceeded to wait to use the ATM. The victim put his money away and began walking home.

As he was approaching Roxhill Park he says that he noticed the same group of four was following behind him. The next thing he knew he was waking up in the bushes in the park with a pounding headache and his money and cell phone were gone.

The victim had walked from the scene of the crime to get help and couldn’t remember where in the park he had woken up. A description of the possible suspects was not available. In the police report the officer notes that a similar incident was reported not too long ago in the park.

The victim was taken to Highline Hospital for an evaluation. He explained to the officers that his phone has tracking software in it and gave them the phone number. They tried to call but no one answered. The victim asked for a copy of the police report to give to his landlord. The suspects remain at large.

“I live next door”
Just before 5 a.m. on Aug. 12 a resident in an apartment complex on the 7900 block of Delridge WY S.W. was awoken from her sleep to the sound of keys jingling in the living room. When she went out of her bedroom she saw a tall man, in his mid-20s, standing in the middle of the main room. When she asked him who he was and why he was in her apartment the suspect gave her his name and said “I live next door”.

As the resident was asking questions and demanding he leave the suspect kept repeating to her “I live next door”, even as he walked out of her back door. Once he was gone the woman went and woke up her father who was in another room and they began checking the apartment over. They found that a purse, keys, wallet and cell phone was now gone. The victims called the police who dispatched an officer to perform a quick area check and gathering witness accounts.

While performing the area check the officer noticed a man matching the description of the suspect walking around the back of the building with keys in his hands and a purse and hat on the ground. The suspect appeared drunk or stoned. When police went to contact him he ran away and was arrested when he tried to climb a nearby fence.

Eventually all of the victims’ belongings were found on the suspect along with some money and keys that went unaccounted for. The belongings were returned to the victims and the suspect was booked into the King County Jail. The victims both positively identified this suspect as the man who broke into their apartment before he was transported to the jail.

Crimes reported between Aug. 14 and Aug. 21

Burglaries by block: 2500 block of 56 Ave. S.W., 2900 block of Walnut Ave. S.W., 3300 block of 30 Ave. S.W., 6000 block of 42 Ave. S.W., 3200 block of S.W. Morgan St., 9300 block of 30 Ave. S.W., 9000 block of 17 Ave. S.W.

Car prowls by block: 6600 block of S.W. Admiral WY, 4000 block of 28 Ave. S.W., 6300 block of 34 Ave. S.W., 600 block of S.W. Kenyon St., 8800 block of 36 Ave. S.W., 9200 block of 12 Ave. S.W., 9000 block of 8 Ave. S.W., 9200 block of 16 Ave. S.W., 9400 block of 18 Ave. S.W.

Car thefts by block: 3200 block of S.W. Avalon WY, 4700 block of California Ave. S.W., 6300 block of 34 Ave. S.W., 9000 block of 17 Ave. S.W., 9000 block of Henderson Pl. S.W., 8300 block of 8 Ave. S., 9400 block of 21 Ave. S.W.

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