Neighborhood Groups

Representatives of neighborhoods throughout West Seattle met at Chief Sealth High School recently to discuss what they love about their community as well as what ails it.

Participants said they love the fact that people of many races and nationalities live in relative harmony in West Seattle.

They love the community's history and are proud that Alki is the birthplace of Seattle. They love West Seattle's working class values and its community spirit.


Special to the Times/News

(Editor's note: Rhoda Stockwell, who participated in this local anti-war rally, provided the Times/News with a first-hand report.)

Highline-area anti-war protesters joined in a candlelight vigil at First Avenue South and Southwest 148th Street on Aug. 17 to show their support for Cindy Sheehan.

Some 120 persons who took part in the vigil also called for an end to the killing in Iraq.

The event was organized by Southend Standing for Peace, a neighborhood group affiliated with the Seattle S.N.O.W.


There is $500 million worth of city-street and bridge repairs that have been ignored too long and Seattle City Council President Jan Drago says it is time to get to work on that.

"The next four years, the focus needs not to be on big capitol development, but on maintenance, both major and routine," she said. "The era of big capitol budgets is over for a while as far as I am concerned. We need to focus on the smaller things that are more realistic for us to deal with.