Orin Wells, a Republican from Kent, announced last week he will oppose King County Councilwoman Julia Patterson, D-SeaTac, in the November general election.

Wells and Patterson are running in the new King County Council District 5, which was created earlier this year after voters approved a ballot measure to reduce the number of council members from 13 to nine.

District 5 includes part of the Highline community.

Wells, a small business owner and independent consultant in Kent for the past 13 years, said as a King County councilman he will "make sure the Electio


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A King County Superior Court judge ruled in favor of Burien Aug.


The world's three main monorail builders are all expressing interest in designing, building, operating and maintaining Seattle's new monorail.

MTrans is a monorail company from Malaysia that calls itself "an urban transit system provider." It wants to compete with the other two monorail builders, Hitachi, which is part of Cascadia Monorail Co., and Bombardier, part of Team Monorail.

MTrans has 700 employees and is based in Kuala Lumpur.


Former Highline School Board member Ed Pina distanced himself from political labels as he announced last week that he is a candidate for the Des Moines City Council.

"I'm neither ultra conservative nor ultra liberal," Pina declared.


and Tim St. Clair

There is $500 million worth of city street and bridge repairs that have been ignored too long and Seattle City Council President Jan Drago says it is time to get to work on that.

"The next four years, the focus needs not to be on big capital development, but on maintenance, both major and routine," she says. "The era of big capital budgets is over for a while as far as I am concerned. We need to focus on the smaller things that are more realistic for us to deal with.


There could be more commuter traffic on West Seattle streets next month when passenger-only ferry service is cut by half between Vashon Island and downtown Seattle.

Designed mainly for commuters, the passenger-only ferries between Vashon and downtown Seattle run Monday through Friday during the morning and afternoon commutes. Currently there are four passenger-only ferry runs from Vashon to downtown each weekday morning, and five runs from downtown to the island every weekday afternoon and evening.

Come Sept.


Matthew E. Durham

FEWER TRIPS FROM VASHON TO COLMAN DOCK. On Sept. 19 there will be just two morning sailings each weekday from Vashon to downtown and only two sailings back in the evening. Car-ferry service in and out of the Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal will continue as usual. The increase of passengers displaced from the passenger-only runs may impact the Fauntleroy neighborhood.

It's election time again as city officials and their challengers face the voters.

Transportation is a perennial issue in every municipal campaign. Candidates talk about all of the streets that need repaving, the bridges that need strengthening and the sidewalks that have never been poured, much less deteriorated to the point of needing replacement.


Thank you for the very good article on my work on the City Council in your July 27 edition. Unfortunately, the headline "Conlin supports monorail here" does not accurately represent my position on the monorail. I have always been skeptical of the monorail as a technology (because of its impacts on the pedestrian environment) and as a solution to our transportation problems (because of its high cost and probably low ridership).

The headline could lead readers to believe that I have changed my position.



Just like many other times since the project was revived in the early 1990s, the State Route 509 extension program is again partially on hold.

The reason is Initiative 912 - the ballot measure that would roll back the nine and half-cent gas tax approved by state legislators earlier this year.

The Legislature earmarked $30 million for the extension project through the gas tax, but Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) staffers are waiting to see what voters will do in November concerning I-912.

As they wait, design work



Highline residents closely study with the help of a state transportation department staffer a map of the State Route 519 extension project at a SeaTac open house.

Burien received a major boost last week when Congress approved federal funding for the city's long-term vision for downtown redevelopment.

The state's two U.S.

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