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Coinciding with National Start! Walking Day on Wednesday, April 8, Sanislo Elementary School’s fifth graders will take a walkable field trip with Homewaters Project to explore the “tiny neighbors” in their school wetlands.

Homewaters Project, a Seattle-based nonprofit organization, provides field extensions of classroom science units. Homewaters designs investigations within walking distance of schools when possible, so that students discover the natural world in their own home place.

According to the organization, walkable field trips promote better health for students as well as for their watersheds: students engage in physical activity while discovering impacts of everyday actions on local water quality and ecosystem health.

Sanislo students and teachers are particularly excited about Wednesday’s "Tiny Neighbors" program, because this natural area is usually off-limits to students. The young scientists will observe and draw their surroundings, collect and study microorganisms up close, draw conclusions about water quality based on the types of microorganisms they find, and record and evaluate human impacts.


Following a 7-0 shutout at the hands of Newport, the Ballard High School tennis team remains winless on the season.

The previously lost 1-8 to Issaquah and 3-6 to Garfield.

Despite the losses, coach Charles Brenner said the team is showing improvement against some very good tennis teams, including Newport.

"We played really well," Brenner said. "I was proud of our girls."

The Beavers will look for their first win at 3:45 p.m., April 2 at Lower Woodland against Inglemoor.

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March 32 – Newport: 7 Ballard: 0

It was listed as a game, but the Ballard High School baseball team's March 30 matchup against Roosevelt might as well have been batting practice for the Beavers.

Ballard used 14 runs on 12 hits to blast their way past Roosevelt and on to a 3-1 conference record (4-2 overall).

What looked like a nail biter, with the score knotted at one apiece at the end of the first inning, turned into a laugher as the Beavers drove in nine runs in the bottom of the second, all with two outs on the board.

Ballard added four more in the third to completely ice the game.

Senior outfielder Jason Bergerson went one-for-three with a three-run home run. Sophomore outfielder Danny Thomson went one-for-two, adding another three-run homer for the Beavers.

Senior shortstop Dylan Murphy got his three RBIs the old-fashioned way, going three-for-four with a stolen base.

Senior pitcher Jimmy Pugel went four innings and threw eight strikeouts to get the win.

Ballard's dominating performance was not unprecedented, as the team hammered Roosevelt 11-2 March 16.

The Beavers head to Bothell April 1 for a 3:45 p.m. game.

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Michael Harthorne

March 30 – Ballard: 14 Roosevelt: 1. Click image for more photos.

What exactly is a fashionisto? Well, it’s a guy who follows trends or creates trends of fashion. Yes, that’s right; guys can be fashionable as well. Ladies: we’re not the only ones who care about what we wear - guys do too, just in their own way.

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For the colder days, wearing a nice fitted sweater, blazer, or trench coat will work.

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Rachel Jimenez

Matt Solis and Corwin Wolfglenn, West Seattle High School students, demonstrate what's "in" for male style right now.

The Ballard High School boys soccer team was blanked for the third time in a row March 27 against Bothell. But, this time they didn't allow their opponents to get on the board either.

The Beavers ended the game tied with Bothell at zero apiece and are now sitting at 0-2-1 in the conference and 1-3-1 overall.

Ballard faces Bishop Blanchet High School at 2 p.m., April 4 at Blanchet.

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March 27 – Ballard: 0 Bothell: 0

The Ballard High School girls tennis team's first match on March 24 was rained out halfway through. The team finished the match against Issaquah March 27, though Beaver fans might wish they hadn't.

Ballard was no match for Issaquah and lost 8-1. The only point for the Beavers came on a forfeit by the opponent of Ballard's Sophie Hingten.

Ballard (0-2) plays again at 3:45 p.m., March 31 at Newport High School.

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March 27 – Issaquah: 8 Ballard: 1

The Ballard High School girls golf team was beaten handily by Inglemoor March 26.

Coach Casey McMullin said a number of girls were ineligible due to grades for the March 24 game, and the team was again shorthanded against Inglemoor.

Ballard (0-2) has a few weeks to practice before they square off against Lake Washington at 3 p.m., April 15 at the West Seattle Golf Course.

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Steve Shay

Ballard senior Caitie Scott approaches the ninth green.

Conor McClure almost single-handedly snapped the Ballard High School baseball team's two-game losing streak in a March 26 win over Inglemoor.

McClure went three-for-four with a home run, a double and five RBIs in the 6-2 victory

Thursday's performance came one day after McClure went two-for-three in a losing effort.

"He's swinging the stick well," coach John Lamm said.

McClure got some help from starting pitcher Nick Palewicz, who threw five strikeouts in five innings and gave up only one run.

Nico Van Der Ven added a solo shot for the Beavers.

The win puts Ballard at 2-1 in the conference and 3-2 overall.

The Beavers take on Roosevelt at 3:45 p.m., March 30 at Whitman Middle School.

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March 26 – Ballard: 6 Inglemoor: 2

The Seattle School district has presented a plan to parents that would assign their students to schools based first and foremost on their home address.

At a public meeting at Ballard High School last night, many parents arrived ready to hear where the boundary lines would be drawn for the district's new Student Assignment Plan. But they were told that information would nor be known until this fall.

District representatives said they want to ensure the plan balances every school in every neighborhood with high quality programs, diversity, opportunities for special education and bilingual services and decrease transportation costs by avoiding shipping kids clear across the city.

Tracy Libros, manager of enrollment services at the district, said that the plan would be more predictable and less complex for parents to decipher where their students will attend school beginning at the elementary level and leading to high school.

A major goal with the new plan is to have more families attending schools closer to their homes, thereby bringing services closer to the students who need them and encouraging greater family participation in education, according to the district.


In their first complete match of the season – the March 24 match was called on account of rain halfway through – the Ballard High School girls tennis team fell 6-3 to Garfield.

In singles, only Natasha Noltimier-Strauss was able to pull out a win for Ballard. She beat Garfield's Laura Baron 6-3 and 7-5.

The Beavers fared better in doubles play with two pairs pulling out victories.

Katie Lee and Anna Brokhaug won 8-2 and Sophie Hingten and Kristen Otness won 6-4 and 7-5.

Ballard faces Newport at 3:45 p.m., March 31 at Newport Tennis Courts.

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Michael Harthorne

March 26 – Garfield: 6 Ballard: 3. Click image for more photos.

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