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On Sept. 25, according to charging papers filed in King County Superior Court, Raymond Moultrie - a door-to-door magazine salesman - knocked on a door in the Redondo area.

When the woman who lived there answered the door, Moultrie allegedly entered the residence and raped her.

Reacting to that crime, Des Moines Mayor Bob Sheckler discussed at the city council's Sept.


If North Highline residents want about the same services as they have now if the area incorporates as a seperate city, it will cost them nearly $7 million more than tax and fee income estimated by a consultant. hired

The Nesbitt Planning and Management firm, hired by the county to help the North Highline Unincorporated Area Council figure out the future of the unincorporated area, estimates a city government would cost taxpayers $15.4 million a year and another $1.4 million in one-time start-up charges.



If you have been paying attention to what has been happening to Burien in the last three years you have to be impressed.

Battered by competition from the retail boom in Tukwila that began with Southcenter 30 years ago, Burien also has been hammered and decimated by a rampaging airport, which ate up hundreds of homes and apartments plus a bunch of lively businesses where once upon a time we imagined there might be another Bellevue.

But like a pesky little terrier, Burien refused to dry up and blow away.

While prior generations of business l


Along with a basic silence on our ongoing question about how we in West Seattle will get to downtown if there is no monorail, there is a persisting muttering but little action on statewide and Puget Sound transportation plans.

We are gripped in a paralysis of inaction accompanied by a general desire to pay less and less for the infrastructures we all use, while blaming it on politics and bad government.


Alex Russell

A month after the completion of a new stretch of the Burke-Gilman Trail, a local business owner still has safety concerns about the trail running along industrial Ballard.

"I don't want to see anybody get hurt but the problem is the the one that's going to get injured, and commerce, industry is going to get shut down," said Warren Aakervik, owner of Ballard Oil.

A central part of Aakervik's business is trucking fuel to his waterfront business.


The city of Des Moines is updating its Shoreline Master Program (SMP).

The plan, required by state law, establishes goals and policies for managing the city's shoreline resources.

Since it was first developed in 1988, Des Moines' Puget Sound shoreline has doubled through annexations in the Woodmont and Redondo neighborhoods.

The SMP is being updated to reflect these changes in the city and to meet current state requirements and guidelines.

Since 2004, the city has completed an inventory report that describes current conditions along the shoreline, in


Steve Clark

There will be no monorail in Ballard, at least for the foreseeable future. In an effort to save the beleaguered Green Line, the Seatttle Monorail Project board of directors have submitted a ballot measure for inclusion in the November 8 election that redefines the monorail route as running from West Seattle to Dravus Street, in Interbay, instead of the initial proposed route that would have started at NW 85th Street and 15th Avenue NW in Crown Hill.

"It's sad, really," said Connie Stone, owner of the Wild Mountain Caf/ in Crown Hill.


Everyone around Puget Sound talks about salmon.


Mayor Greg Nickels didn't buy the new financial plan for the monorail, calling for a fifth vote and moving to deny the proposed elevated transit system the use of city streets.

In an extraordinary Saturday meeting, the Seattle Monorail Project board began consideration of a Nov.


$4 billion in four weeks gushed Cindi Laws in an interview this morning (15 Sept). Too bad only the Seattle Monorail Project Board believes this smoke.

How is it that three of the largest engineering and construction companies in the country bailed out of the monorail bidding process before the proposals were submitted?

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