For the third time in the past five years, the parking lot of Trinity United Methodist Church will serve as host to Tent City, which acts as temporary housing for about 100 homeless people and has moved around the city and its suburbs in the past years.

But unlike past years, when tempers have run high and accusations amuck, hardly any protests have come from Ballardites so far with Tent City's planned visit of Aug.


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A King County Superior Court judge ruled in favor of Burien Aug.


Exhibiting the no nonsense attitude she has displayed for the past nearly two decades on the Port of Seattle commission, Paige Miller was blunt and direct when she said she not only wants to end the Richard Conlin's time on the Seattle City Council but openly covets his job as chairman of the council's transportation committee.

"I've accomplished what I set out to do with the port and I want to take my skill, experience, tenacity, and persistence to the city where they really need some help, particularly on transportation issues which I know a lot about," Miller says.



Burien Councilwoman Sally Nelson announced last week that she is a candidate for re-election to the city council.

"I have been honored to serve the citizens of Burien as mayor, deputy mayor and council member," Nelson declared. "I have helped provide a strong foundation for our city.

"Who remembers empty storefronts, and a grim Main Street?


The Community Center building at the Emergency Family Shelter operated by the Mul