The Monorail Project Board has set a deadline of April 6 for Executive Director Joel Horn to have a date for the completion of talks over details of a contract to design, build, operate and maintain the monorail.

Discussions have been going on for close to six months between the Seattle Monorail Project and Cascadia Monorail Co.

"Negotiations are taking so long because I'm trying to get everything," Horn said in an interview Thursday. "We don't want to give on station design. We don't want to give on anything.


Dean Wong

As part of the Seattle Pro Parks Project, Westcrest Park has been chosen to receive $75,000 for an art project. The budget includes artist design fees and the fabrication of the artwork.

Local artist Milenko Matanovic was selected by the Pro Parks community center art planners for the project.


Matthew E. Durham

WESTCREST OFF LEASH. Pam Barger walks a group of dogs at the off leash area of Westcrest Park in this file photo from last November. The park has received $75,000 for art.

City Councilmember Nick Licata says he is focusing his reelection campaign on public safety strategies to reduce crime on city streets by ramping up police visibility and increasing communications between law enforcement and citizens.

He also suggests that one way to alleviate pending traffic problems for West Seattle might be building the monorail from downtown to West Seattle, saving the Ballard route for another project, another time.

In roughly nine months, 25 new Seattle Police officers are to be trained and ready for duty and Licata said he would like to have more o


Dean Wong

LICATA SEEKS NEW TERM. City Councilmember Nick Licata says some members of the City Council are hesitant to oppose issues that the mayor supports because it means going up against a lot of resources that the City Council just doesn't have access to. Licata said he and Nickels always don't agree on issues, "but we communicate well, and I don't hold grudges."

A group of 13 parents is requesting an investigation of "potential misappropriation of funds" during the last four years at Arbor Heights Elementary School.

They sent a letter to Superintendent Raj Manhas and the Seattle Public Schools board of directors asking that the investigation include "all relevant accounts, including private funds and grants," the letter stated.

Parents asked that a report be completed in the next two months, before the 2005-2006 school year begins.


A proposed new ferry route that would skip Fauntleroy and head straight downtown from Southworth could reduce traffic through West Seattle.

The new route is but one proposal in Washington State Ferries' 25-year plan for terminals and vessels, which was presented to Fauntleroy residents June 30 at the Hall at Fauntleroy. About 30 people attended.

The new route, which could be enacted in 2012, would relieve demand for ferry service from Southworth to downtown due to increasing development in Kitsap County, said Ray Deardorf, the ferry system's planning director.

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