The comings and goings of garbage trucks at the city's proposed intermodal solid-waste transfer facility being considered for Harbor Island wouldn't much affect other traffic, according to a transportation consultant.

Garbage trucks from throughout the city would haul their loads to the planned facility, where the refuse would be compacted and placed inside sealed containers for shipment by train to a landfill in eastern Oregon.

Planners from Seattle Public Utilities and their private consultants presented the results of their draft supplemental environmental impact statement to the public at West Seattle High School last week. In addition to transportation impacts, planners also studied how much odor and noise such a facility would create. Its effects on water quality, plants and animals were studied too.

Engineering consultants Heffron Transportation studied traffic patterns around all four sites being considered by Seattle Public Utilities for the future garbage-handling facility. Two sites being studied are in the area around the former Fisher flour mill.