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Sustainable Burien Gathering
Sunday, November 13, 2011
Burien KCLS Library
2:00pm - 4:00pm
doors open at 1:30

THIS MONTH: Emergency Preparedness and Burien’s Walk ‘n Talk.
Nancy Barry will share her experiences in CERT training this fall and we’ll talk about getting more neighborhoods interested in Map Your Neighborhood emergency preparedness.

Also, Maureen Hoffman will talk about the fun community members have been having on the Walk ‘n Talk outings and bike events.

She’ll also talk about an effort to get bike racks placed in strategic places in Burien.

We may also be doing a short report on desired efforts to make Burien a certified Wildlife Habitat Community.

Come join us for learning, exploring and more....www.sustainableburien.org


The state Department of Ecology (DOE) has announced that it has approved Tukwila’s shoreline master plan.

Shoreline plans for Des Moines and SeaTac were previously approved, although it took three tries before the Des Moines plan was given state approval.

The DOE is reportedly poised to turn down Burien’s shoreline plan but members of the Burien Marine Property Owners Association are asking the Burien City Council for permission to negotiate with the DOE.

The group is hoping that DOE staffers might make allowances for an expanded home footprint as a tradeoff for some type of mitigation.

The Burien council approved a 20-foot buffer for new development on shorelines but the DOE is insisting on a 50-foot buffer with an additional 15-foot setback.

Here’s the DOE’s press release on their approval of Tukwila’s permit:

The Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) has approved Tukwila's updated shoreline master program, which will significantly improve the protection, use, development, restoration and water quality along the city's 13 miles of shorelines.

Action expected at Nov. 14 council meeting; Nov. 7 meeting cancelled

The Burien City Council is considering allowing a small group of shoreline property owners and others to negotiate with the state Department of Ecology (DOE) on the city’s shoreline management plan.

The DOE is reportedly poised to reject certain portions of the plan passed by the Burien council and submitted to the DOE.

The council approved a 20-foot buffer for new development on marine shorelines but the DOE is insisting on a maximum 50-foot barrier with an additional 15-foot setback. A smaller buffer was approved if neighboring houses are closer than the requirement.

The DOE also is requiring removal of a ban on watercraft on Lake Burien if public access is approved.

Another issue is a possible limitation on the ability to replace a destroyed home if that home would require the continued maintenance of a shoreline-stabilizing bulkhead.

The final disputed issue involves a requirement for a shoreline variance for certain developments in critical areas.


Press release:
By now, Des Moines residents with solid waste collection services should have received new CleanScapes garbage, recycling, and compost containers. If you have not received your new containers, please contact CleanScapes at 206-762-4900.

Allied Waste will continue to collect all their single-family residential carts during the first week of November. Please remember to leave all your Allied containers at the curb for pick-up. They will not be removing any customer-owned containers.

Under the new contract, CleanScapes will use hybrid compressed natural gas trucks, making Des Moines the first community in King County to use this type of green fleet.

No cost recycling service is now included with your garbage subscription. If you do not have a recycle container, please call CleanScapes to set up service. CleanScapes is also expanding the range of recyclables collected including plastics, motor oil, bottled kitchen fat/oil/grease, scrap metal, household batteries, and fluorescent tubes and bulbs.


Press release:
The City of SeaTac today announced they have joined the ChargePoint® Network and will now offer electric vehicle (EV) charging services for the community.

The city has installed two ChargePoint® Networked EV charging stations that are part of Coulomb Technologies’ $37 million ChargePoint America program, that will provide nearly 5,000 free EV charging stations for individuals and businesses throughout the United States. The charging stations were provided and installed by Coulomb Technologies’ northwest distributor Charge Northwest.

“We are excited to be a part of the ChargePoint America program and provide charging services to the region given our easy access from Interstate-5,” said Todd Cutts, city manager. “We host many regional meetings as we are centrally located so we are hopeful many will take advantage of the charging stations while they are conducting business in SeaTac.”

School board adopts more stringent energy conservation policy

Highline School District press release:
Highline's facilities department expects to save at least $40,000 on energy costs this school year by employing a new energy conservation plan. The school board endorsed the plan last week and updated its energy conservation policy to include more energy-saving measures.

The new energy standards cover lighting, heat and air conditioning, electrical appliances and electronics, water use and irrigation systems, trash, and recycling. The standards include small things staff can do, such as turning off lights and reporting dripping faucets, as well as broader system changes like maintaining moderate temperatures in buildings and reducing lawn watering.

"The district is committed to environmental stewardship and continuous improvement in the efficiency, maintenance, and operations of all our systems," says Andrea Johnson, Executive Director of Facilities Services. "We expect all staff, students, and community users to conserve resources."

CleanScapes to brief Des Moines City Council on Thursday, September 8th

Beginning Nov. 1, Des Moines residents and businesses will see bright green trucks collecting their garbage, recycling, and food/yard waste as CleanScapes, a Seattle-based solid waste and recycling company, assumes solid waste/recycling hauling service for the city of Des Moines.

On Thursday, Sept. 8th, Chris Martin, the President of CleanScapes, will brief the Des Moines City Council on the status of Des Moines' solid waste service transition.

Under the new contract, CleanScapes will use hybrid compressed natural gas trucks, making Des Moines the first community in King County to use this type of green fleet.

CleanScapes will also expand the range of recyclables collected including plastics, motor oil, bottled kitchen fat/oil/grease, scrap metal, household batteries, and fluorescent tubes. Additionally, all Des Moines residents will receive new containers and carts.


Press release:

Sustainable Burien Gathering
Sunday, September 11, 2011
Burien KCLS Library
2:00pm - 4:00pm
doors open at 1:30
come join us for learning, exploring and more....www.sustainableburien.org

Sustainable Burien will have two presenters for our September meeting.
Ready to go solar? Not sure if your home is right or if you can afford it? Come by Sustainable Burien for answers to all your solar questions. Presenter will be Eric Thomas, NABCEP Certified Solar Installer and founder of Solar Epiphany, a local electrical contractor focused on solar power. Bring your electric bills for a free solar analysis of your home.

Electric cars. Steven Lough, President of the Seattle EV Association, will be speaking on the past, present, and future of Electric Tranportation. Steven has been working on education, demonstration, and proliferation of electric cars for 30 years. Bring your questions and comments.

Please join us!


Press release:

WHAT: Sustainable Burien monthly meeting
WHEN: August 14, 2011, 2 p.m. (doors open at 1:30 p.m.)
WHERE: Burien Library, Multipurpose Room

Sustainable Burien's speaker this month will be Courtney Sullivan, Education Manager for the Pacific Region of National Wildlife Federation. She will discuss NWF's Certified Wildlife Habitat program and how individuals and communities can get involved.

The Certified Wildlife Habitat program encourages people to create havens for wildlife in their own backyards by providing the basic elements that all wildlife need. Their program reaches beyond your backyard to engage communities in transforming backyards, schoolyards, businesses, community gardens, parkland and other spaces into environmentally-friendly landscapes for wildlife.

The program has turned into a movement in Washington, with over 32 actively engaged communities, 130 schoolyard habitats, and nearly 7,000 backyard habitats working to identify, restore, connect, and protect natural habitat areas that are critical to wildlife. www.nwf.org/gardenforwildlife.


This Saturday, July 23, Angle Lake Shore Club members will be organizing a "Clean Sweep" event from 9 a.m.-noon at Angle Lake Park.

The group will be concentrating on the shoreline and subsurface waters from the boat launch south past the city parcel referred to as "the Hughes property." The team will consist of walkers along the shore, waders/snorklers in the shallow water and divers for the deeper stuff. The city contribution to this effort will be to dispose of the debris gathered from these areas.

Further details are posted at www.anglelakesc.blogspot.com

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