School is out and the weather is perfect...all the more reason to be extra careful as children and walkers alike are streaming outside and lining the sides of the roads.

They are not thinking about the white line that they should stay behind or the car coming up the road.

Therefore it is our responsibility as drivers to be more aware. Kids just want to have fun this summer and thinking of safety is one of the last things on their minds (unless they have some really smart parents who are on top of this).

So when you see children or walkers, slow down and just think that they will suddenly turn in front of you, without even seeing you.

Let's all stay safe.

Karen Steele
Normandy Park


Press release:

Now it’s easier to hop on your bike, head into town and do your shopping at the local businesses.

We’ve just installed a couple dozen, sparkling new, custom-designed bike racks around town, through the collaborative efforts of WABI Burien and the City of Burien’s Parks and Public Works Departments. And there are more racks coming!

Come to the ribbon-cutting ceremony and give a big, happy shout-out with the rest of the community. These bike racks have been a long time coming and there’s cause for celebration.

Date & Time: Saturday, June 29 at 11:00 a.m.
Place: 639 SW 152nd Street (Out in front of Bumbershoot Books)

There will be refreshments and giveaways. A FREE raffle. Discounts offered by local businesses. And plenty of applause and good feelings. (Ride your bike to the ribbon-cutting, wearing your helmet, and we’ll give you an extra raffle ticket.)

Locations for all the racks: Burien Bike Rack Map
Bike Rack Project Overview: Bike Racks for Burien
Details: ”All things Bike Rack”


Press release:

Friday, May 17th is “National Bike to Work Day”, but WABI has declared it “Burien Bike Day”. We want to encourage local folks to choose pedal-power not just for their commuting when possible, but also for fun and exercise.

In support of the Bike To Work Day event that will be held throughout the Puget Sound region, a Bike Commuter Support Station will be located at Burien Town Square.
Whether commuting by bike or just toodling around town, the Commuter Support Station will offer Burien cyclists coffee and snacks, cool giveaways, and a gathering place for cyclists from Burien neighborhoods.

The Station will also have the mechanical pros from Bicycles West, and experienced bike commuters on hand to discuss routes and safety, and to answer your cycling questions.
Bike Commuter Support Station
Friday, May 17th, 6:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. Burien Town Square
Many thanks to the sponsors including the City of Burien, and Bicycles West.

Grand Central Bakery, located just a couple blocks up the street, will also be giving away free baguettes to every cyclist that walks into their shop wearing a cycling helmet.


Press release:

The Annual Bicycle and Pedestrian Count will be taken at locations throughout Washington State in nearly 40 jurisdictions, including Burien.

Data collected from these counts will be used to monitor success in increasing bicycle and pedestrian travel as identified in the Washington State Bicycle Facilities and Pedestrian Walkways Plan while also providing critical data to support improvements to bicycle and pedestrian facilities.

Let’s show them how many of us really are on foot or on our bikes!
We at WABI are opening up a rare volunteer opportunity for those who want to contribute to the bicycle and pedestrian counts for 2012. There are only about 18 volunteer spots left, so hurry!!!

The bicycle and pedestrian counts are, as you might guess, a tally of bicyclists and pedestrians at selected intersections. We do the tallies every year, in the same locations and compare and contrast trends over time.

The count is run by Cascade Bike Club and the numbers are all turned in to WSDOT.


UPDATE: Sept. 15, 6:30 p.m.

The 7-state American Lung Association of the Mountain Pacific Region held its fundraiser. “Ride Around the Sound” Saturday, Sept. 15. Over 200 registered riders pedaled 100 miles from South Seattle Community College, or 75 from Marvista School in Des Moines. The organization helps keep kids from picking up that first cigarette, helps families dealing with lung cancer & asthma, and advocates for clean air. This is ride's the 30th year, but the first with this route. It was in the San Juan Islands in the past.

Press release:

Over 200 cyclists will take part in the inaugural “Ride Around the Sound” bike ride on September 15th. A benefit for the American Lung Association in Washington, the ride features five distance options around Puget Sound, ranging from 100 miles to a family-friendly ride of under 15 miles in West Seattle. Local school Marvista Elementary will serve as the 75-mile starting location.

Burien streets that will be on the route are: 16th Ave SW; SW 107 St; 10th Ave SW; SW 116th St; 4th Ave SW; SW 152nd St; Maplewild Ave SW; SW 172nd St; and Sylvester Rd SW.

UPDATE: Burien/Normandy Park 75-mile Start for “Ride Around the Sound”
Photo credit: 
Photo by Steve Shay

Alex Wiljanen, 14, pictured at Marvsta, Des Moines, prepares for the 75-mile Lung Assoc. bike ride. He will join his father, Ken. He rode the Seattle to Portland bicycle ride & said he has no intention of ever smoking.

Press release:

Over 500 cyclists will take part in the inaugural “Ride Around the Sound” bike ride on September 15th. A benefit for the American Lung Association in Washington, the ride features five distance options around Puget Sound, ranging from 100 miles to a family-friendly ride of under 15 miles in West Seattle.

Normandy Park’s Marvista Elementary will serve as the 75-mile starting location.

The event offers full support including breakfast at all starts, lunch on the course, five rest stops, detailed ride guides, and more. A delicious feast, beer and music await riders at the finish line party at South Seattle Community College. Relaxing coastal lodging is also available for participants who want to make the event a weekend getaway.

“We are thrilled to offer this amazing route with spectacular views of the Sound,” said Renée Klein, President and CEO of the American Lung Association of the Mountain Pacific. “What better way to celebrate clean air and healthy lungs than with a fun event in the beautiful outdoors?”


Ballard resident Mark Hulscher and the Bike Share Group want to create the first Seattle bike share system that will support the community's long-term goals for livability by providing transportation alternatives that reduce people's environmental impact.

Hulscher plans to implement a 20-bike pilot system in Ballard by November. Ballard visitors and residents will be able to check out a bike from of the the five to 10 stations. After taking a trip, the bike is returned to a station and automatically locked at an empty dock.

The pilot program will experiment with various use and payment concepts to help create better models for future operations, according to a Groundswell NW press release.

The Bike Share Group recently received a $5,000 matching grant from Groundswell NW.

Group working to bring bike share program to Ballard
Photo credit: 
Mike Leavitt

The Bike Share Group wants to bring a pilot bike sharing program to Ballard by November. Here they demonstrate one of their stations during Sustainable Ballard's 10-10-10 Work Party Oct. 10.

Back in the 80s, Ballard resident David Krafchick's girlfriend at the time enjoyed bicycling. But, Krafchick's physical disability prevented him from using his right hand to properly apply a bicycle's brake, keeping him from joining in on her rides. He needed a solution.

Twenty-two years later, Krafchick is the co-creator of Brake Director, a power-braking system that utilizes a single hand control to engage both the front and rear brakes on a bicycle, allowing cyclists with physical disabilities, as well as other riders, to get on the road with greater safety and ease.

Krafchick met his partner in Brake Director, David Hawkins, when a number of bicycle shops told Krafchick they couldn't help him find a one-handed solution for his braking problem, but they knew someone who could.

For more than 15 years, Krafchick funded the development of Brake Director himself while Hawkins, who has more than 30 years of experience in bicycle technical service, designed and engineered prototypes, which Krafchick tested and analyzed.

Ballard company revolutionizes bicycle braking
Photo credit: 
Michael Harthorne

David Hawkins and Ballard resident David Krafchick with a bicycle installed with Brake Director, their invention that allows both front and rear brakes to be controlled with one lever.

I have a possible solution to the Missing Link [of the Burke-Gilman Trail].

When I lived in Los Angeles, I read quite a lot about it's history. Around 1912, somebody envisioned an elevated bicycle way between downtown Los Angles and nearby Pasadena, and the project proposed showed an artist's concept – a narrow wooden viaduct with bicyclists riding their bikes on it.

The then-powerful Pacific Electric Railway killed the idea because it would take away passengers.

Here there are similar elements. The Ballard Terminal Railway and surrounding businesses trying to kill [the Missing Link].

There is a simple solution, which is again an elevated bicycle viaduct, not made of wood this time but heavy plastic tubes suspended in the air by concrete posts and joining supports.

There are several routes this could be erected over.

From a photo I saw in a book about Ballard and the Ballard Locks in the Locks book store, there were once railway tracks on Market Street adjacent to the industries closer to the Locks area. So, choice one is to put up this elevated bicycle way in the middle of Market Street in part.


The beautification of 14th Avenue Northwest using city-donated planters, which were installed last spring, is continuing to build steam with an upcoming cleanup events and recent commitments from nearby schools.

Older students from St. Alphonsus School are adopting the intersection of Northwest 58th Street and 14th Avenue Northwest. Younger students from the school will be installing their artwork in the planters using fixtures donated from the RE Store. And, St. Alphonsus fourth graders, who started a school garden last year, will be growing starts for the planters.

In addition, India Carlson, the horticulture teacher at Ballard High School, has committed her students to growing replacement and enhancement plants for the project and to adopt a number of the planters.

Update on 14th Ave. Planter Project
Photo credit: 
Michael Harthorne

Volunteers install planters along 14th Avenue Northwest in April. The project is continuing with an upcoming cleanup event and involvement from Ballard High School and St. Alphonsus.

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