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North Highline Unincorporated Area Council members gave a preliminary recommendation on Nov. 3 that North Highline annex to Burien.

Ten council members approved the recommendation with Doris Tevaseu opposed and Karen Veloria abstaining.

The recommendation came despite protests from some audience members, who asked council members to postpone a decision.

They said North Highline residents have not had enough time to study annexation or incorporation as a separate city.



"Welcome to Burien" may be the message for North Highline residents after North Highline Unincorporated Area Council members issued a preliminary recommendation that the area annex to Burien. Officials caution this is a very early step in the process.

I am voting for all four of the incumbents running for Seattle City Council. Here are a few reasons I support McIver, Conlin, and Drago who have rather strong opposition - Licata should sail into re-election.

McIver speaks for and helped push the City Council to take a more realistic look at low-income housing, police treatment of minorities and the necessity of a balanced budget which still closes some of the gaps in social services.


Seattle City Council and Mayoral candidates may disagree on many issues, but all agree that building a practical mass transit system and ensuring that the Alaskan Way Viaduct is either replaced or retrofitted are the most serious problems the city must focus on in the next four years.

The two top vote getters for the city council and mayoral races from the Sept.


The North Highline Unincorporated Area Council (NHUAC) will hold a community meeting Thursday, Sept. 15, to receive public comment on annexation .

The 7 p.m. meeting at St. Bernadette School, 1028 S.W.


On July 31, the West Seattle Farmers' Market may be the only place in town you can get a 'poopsicle,' toss a diaper, and help a needy child all in the same place.

Local charitable nonprofit group, Westside Baby, will hold its fifth annual Stuff the Baby Bus With Diapers fund-raising campaign at the market this year. The organization hopes to raise twice the amount of diapers brought in by last year's event, said Lisa Perry, resource coordinator.

"We are asking everyone we know to contribute a pack of diapers," said Perry.


Matthew E. Durham

DIAPER SHOWER. Members of Gatewood School Day Camp excitedly shower the photographer with diapers as they prepare to lend their bus to Westside Baby for a July 31 Diaper Drive.

City Councilmember Nick Licata says he is focusing his reelection campaign on public safety strategies to reduce crime on city streets by ramping up police visibility and increasing communications between law enforcement and citizens.

He also suggests that one way to alleviate pending traffic problems for West Seattle might be building the monorail from downtown to West Seattle, saving the Ballard route for another project, another time.

In roughly nine months, 25 new Seattle Police officers are to be trained and ready for duty and Licata said he would like to have more o


Dean Wong

LICATA SEEKS NEW TERM. City Councilmember Nick Licata says some members of the City Council are hesitant to oppose issues that the mayor supports because it means going up against a lot of resources that the City Council just doesn't have access to. Licata said he and Nickels always don't agree on issues, "but we communicate well, and I don't hold grudges."

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