Looking through the Sunday paper I was pleased to see an ad for the West Seattle Junction Festival, thinking for once I could enjoy this fair since the Junction Merchants had promised me they would not be exploiting animals by having pony rides and petting zoos this year. Then I saw that they would have "Valentines Performing Pigs"

In their letter to me, the Merchants Association alerted me to the "new and fun" additions this year. Fun for whom?

Not the pigs.


Some of the wildest threats and accusations were bandied about last week during three public hearings on the monorail and the contract that had become the flash point for all of those who have hated even the bare mention of the word "monorail."

The uncontrolled outrage of a third of each of the three meetings overshadowed those who remain in support of a monorail, just not the way its financing worked out.

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