It's back to the drawing board for the Federal Way school district.

On February 7, Proposition #1, a $245 million bond measure to finance an extensive renovation and rebuilding plan of the district's schools and facilities, received a 52% approval, falling short of the necessary 60% required for passage.

Failure to garner enough votes for a supermajority passing thwarted plans to begin construction on new schools, a performance auditorium and an environmental learning center.

As a result, area homeowners will not see their property taxes increase for the t


When we get up in the morning, we flip a switch and the lights go on; we turn a valve and shower in hot water; and we pop a bagel in the toaster.

Reliable and safe electricity is something we take for granted in America. We assume it will always be there and realize what we have only when the power goes out.

In Washington, low cost and reliable electricity is the foundation of our economy. It is the reason energy intensive industries from aluminum production to high-tech silicon wafer fabrication are located here.


Alex Russell

A month after the completion of a new stretch of the Burke-Gilman Trail, a local business owner still has safety concerns about the trail running along industrial Ballard.

"I don't want to see anybody get hurt but the problem is the the one that's going to get injured, and commerce, industry is going to get shut down," said Warren Aakervik, owner of Ballard Oil.

A central part of Aakervik's business is trucking fuel to his waterfront business.


Times/News Correspondent

The Burien City Council has declared its opposition to Initiative 912, which would repeal Washington's 9.5 gasoline tax increase that the Legislature imposed earlier this year.

Lawmakers voted 5-1 on Oct. 8 to oppose the statewide initiative, which will appear on the Nov. 8 general election ballot.

Councilman Gordon Shaw cast the lone dissenting vote.


In 1992, Angel Bolanos moved to Seattle from Ecuador without any ability to English speaking ability, but now he is running for a second time for the Seattle City Council.

He said in an interview last week that he will win the primary in two weeks.

Bolanos ran against Council member Jim Compton in 2003 and came in third with 18,000 votes. Compton was re-elected.

"I was an unknown, no one knew about me," said Bolanos. "People believe we need change."

At the time, Bolanos said he was working full time and raising a family.


Dean Wong

COUNCIL CANDIDATE. This is Angel Bolanos' second run for the City Counil.

In 1992,


Federal Way News

While the chefs fired up the barbeque outside, US Representative Adam Smith turned up the heat indoors as he fielded a series of direct questions from Federal Way residents about homeland security, transportation, health care and economic development in Washington.

The Federal Way Chamber of Commerce invited Smith (D-Tacoma) to address more than 100 of the city's movers and shakers at its membership barbeque, held at the Twin Lakes Golf and Country Club last Wednesday.

The congressman said Federal Way residents will receive traffic congestion r


Photo by Seth Bynum / Federal Way News

US Representative Adam Smith addressed the Chamber of Commerce last week at the group's monthly membership luncheon. The Twin Lakes Golf and Country Club hosted the barbeque event that brought together some of Federal Way's most influential people. Smith highlighted the impact congress's recent transportation bill will have on congested Washington highways. He hopes that $5.6 million in federal funds will aid the Triangle Project, designed to refurbish the interchange of I-5 and SR 18 and 161.

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