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Park to be closed until May

The largest shoreline restoration project in the Puget Sound area will begin next month at Burien’s Seahurst Park.

“This is the most important thing that has happened in my 12 years on the council,” Burien City Councilmember Joan McGilton declared at the Aug. 5 council meeting. “This has national significance.”

Seahurst Park will close in late September and when it reopens in May, the north seawall will be gone and the adjacent beach restored to natural conditions.

A narrower pathway will still extend along the north beach to the science center and marine technical laboratory.

The north beach will begin to look like the park’s restored south end. The seawall was built in 1972.

Parks development and operations manager Steve Roemer told lawmakers the beach will become more friendly for marine habitat while the park’s recreational features for residents will be preserved.

“We are trying to get our shoreline back,” Roemer explained.


Press release:

August 3 & 4, 2-3 PM
Lake Burien School Park, SW 148th and 16th Ave SW

When a historic Italian theater troupe attempts to tell the most perfect tale of Pinocchio, they're dismayed to discover their lead actor has disappeared!

The troupe scrambles to find an actor for the all-important lead role. But when the show begins, nothing goes according to plan and everything goes hilariously awry.

Join Balagan Theatre this summer for our annual, FREE outdoor show for families, created by local playwright Brendan Healy and directed by Shawn Belyea.

The script was created by Brendan and our fantastic cast in the comedy improv style of Christopher Guest (think Waiting for Guffman and Best in Show).

For more information please call Burien Parks at 206-988-3700,




On behalf of the Angle Lake Shore Club we want to apologize for the late start to this year’s fireworks show.

It is our understanding that this delay was attributed to a late delivery of shells by the fireworks vendor to the preparation site therefore not allowing the contracted pyro- technicians adequate time to get the materials safely loaded and prepped in the mortars.

Once the show was started the displays were quite nice until a little over half way through an 8” shell inadvertently exploded just as it left the mortar throwing one technician into the water. This was cause for the momentary interruption of the show until injury and damage assessments could be completed.

Fortunately there were no injuries however the incident did adversely affect the remainder of the show.

The crew on board the barge proceeded to sporadically fire off those shells they deemed to be safe.

From this experience the Shore Club has learned that communication is paramount in putting on a show of this nature.


Almost four decades ago Seahurst Park, located on Puget Sound and now in the city of Burien, was established for the enjoyment and recreational use of residents of Seattle and the surrounding area. The park is forested except for the area close to the waterfront and contains miles of trails.

The viability of this beautiful park is now at peril because Westmark Development was recently issued a permit to construct a 179-unit housing development set at the top of the bluff above this park.

This project will clearcut 9.6 acres of the forested land of the ravine located above Seahurst Park and leave only 8 trees standing. The deforestation of these cliffs and ravines will have a devastating impact on the water quality of Seahurst Park as well as this part of Puget Sound.

This project was set in motion more than 15 years ago, before building permits were required to undergo the careful environmental impact reviews that we have now.


The Burien Parks Department announced this week that Seahurst Park will close on Sept. 3, the day after Labor Day and remain closed through April 2014 for a major construction project that involves removal of the seawall in the northern section of the park, restoration of the natural beach and construction of a new fish ladder.

The announcement comes following approval by the state Legislature of the state budget, which includes $5.7 million for the Seahurst seawall removal. In addition, $3.9 million in funding is being made available through the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. A total of $9.6 million has now been secured from state and federal sources for the project and construction can now proceed, Parks and Recreation Director Michael Lafreniere told the Burien City Council at its meeting Monday, July 1.

The project will involve removal of the seawall and restoration of the beach to a more natural condition. The work will include all areas of the park along the shoreline, from the lower parking lot extending north.

King Tide keeping Seahurst Park open until 10 p.m. tonight

Press release:

Due to a special event, Seahurst Park will close at a special time this evening, (June 27) at 10PM, so Seahurst Park visitors can see an especially high KING TIDE.

Tonight is one of the last of three consecutive nights of “King Tides” – very high tides. It should be hitting the shoreline tonight around 9:30 p.m.

If anyone has the time and interest, NOAA is requesting people take photographs and post them to the web – see the instructions below.

The full moon associated with the summer solstice has brought extreme high tides to our coast and shorelines. The term ‘King Tide’ is a non-scientific term used to describe naturally occurring, exceptionally high tides that take place when the sun and moon’s gravitational pull align making the oceans "bulge."

While the King Tides during the summer are not as large as winter King Tides, these exceptionally high tides depict what could be the new normal as sea level rise progresses.


Press release:

SeaTac Rotary proudly dedicated a neighborhood park located next to Galliano’s, to charter member and club founder, Gene Tonnemaker on Friday June 14th. The park was built by Rotary members and community partners as part of a community enhancement project.

The dedication included comments from Mayor Tony Anderson, Rotary Assistant Governor Isabella McPeak, ILS Manager Joseph Emmanuel and Past President Diane Gallegos. Afterwards everyone gathered for an ice cream social and a game of volleyball.

SeaTac Rotary titled the park, Integration Peace Park for two significant reasons. First, because the property is owned by Integration Living Services, a non-profit organization that has an adult living facility for the disabled next to the park property. And second, because it has become a peaceful and inviting place for people from various cultures to gather, eat food, visit, and connect.


The Burien Arts-A-Glow Lantern festival is looking for artists and community groups to create lantern installations for the 2013 event to be held on Saturday, Sept. 7th.

The Call is below and can also be found at:

Call for Artists

Arts-A-Glow Lantern Festival and Procession
Dottie Harper Park, Burien, WA
Event date: September 7, 2013, 5:00-10:00pm

Deadline for Submissions: 4:00pm, June 28th, 2013
Applications must be submitted electronically, no later than 4pm on June 28th to

Artists are invited to submit proposals to provide new or existing temporary illuminated artworks
as part of the Arts-A-Glow Lantern Festival in Burien, Washington. The festival is sponsored by
the City of Burien.

• Artists are encouraged to visit Dottie Harper Park (4th and 146th SW; Burien) prior to preparing their proposal.
• The artworks must be waterproof.
• Artwork must have no lasting physical impact on the park - leaving “no trace.”
• Artwork must be family friendly.


Two north Burien parks, about a half-mile from each other, have been identified as possible sites for an off-leash dog facility.

Steve Roemer, Burien Parks operations manager, told council members his department looked at parks owned by the city that were currently underutilized. He noted a city off-leash dog park would draw dog owners from within a 5-mile radius.

There are currently off-leash parks at Grandview in SeaTac and Westcrest in White Center.

Burien lawmakers at their March 25 study session indicated interest in a second dog park in the south end. Lakeview Park at South 160th Street and 6th Avenue Southwest was mentioned as a possible site

The two north end parks are Hazel Valley, 2.84 acres, at 251 S.W. 126th St. and Salmon Creek, 4.61 acres, at 700 S.W. 118th St. They were acquired by the Burien when the southern portion of North Highline was annexed in 2009.


Press release:

Join the Burien Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and staff for a dog park planning meeting.

Come discuss a proposal for an off-leash dog play area.

Sites to be discussed include Hazel Valley Park and Salmon Creek Park.

This project also supported by the B-Town dog owners group.

When: March 13, 2013 @ 7 pm
Where: Saint Bernadette Parish Hall
1028 SW 128th ST, 98146

For more information call 206-988-3700

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