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The final piece of the new Crown Hill Park is ready to be completed after a handful of parents, activists and skateboarders met with Seattle Parks and Recreation and Pillar Design Studios Aug. 2 to discuss the park's skateboarding area.

Kim Baldwin, project manager for Parks, said the public's reaction to a skatedot, a 1,500-square-foot skateboarding area, was overwhelmingly positive at previous meetings.

Out of a total budget of $1.2 million for Crown Hill Park, located on the north side of Holman Road Northwest between 13th Avenue Northwest and 14th Avenue Northwest, $55,000 has been designated for the skatedot, which will be located in the southeast section of the park.

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Michael Harthorne

Brad Siedlecki of Pillar Design Studios gets input on the new Crown Hill Park skatedot from 8-year-old skateboarder Charlie after an Aug. 2 meeting. CLICK IMAGE TO SEE PLANS FOR THE PARK.

Bolts sheared off by people 'swinging' on the bridge

Last week the pedestrian suspension bridge in White Center Heights Park had to be closed to the public because of vandalism. Park workers have chased kids off the bridge several times for swinging the bridge back and forth. This has resulted in damage to bolts and cables holding the bridge together. A King County worker said “If the bridge is used as planned it should hold up and be fine but when people try and turn it into a swing there could be continuing problems with nuts and bolts because it’s a mechanical connection and not a truly welded system”.

King County Department of Transportation, whose’ jurisdiction the bridge falls under, is looking into ways to reinforce the structure. The damaged pedestrian footbridge will be closed for at least one month while crews inspect the structure and engineers develop a plan for repairs. King County Parks crews have closed access to the footbridge and have placed signs alerting pedestrians of the closure.

The bridge, which was constructed across a small bog in September 2009 as part of a series of improvements to the park, lost several bolts that connect elements of the structure together.

Bridge closed dur to vandalism.JPG
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Greg McCorkle

Is the bridge unsafe? King County has closed the bridge in White Center Heights Park due to damage caused by swinging on the bridge.
The physical motion caused bolts that hold the structure together to shear off.

The Surfrider Foundation released a statement this week acknowledging it made a mistake when it reported high levels of fecal coliform in the steam at Golden Gardens June 22.

According to the statement, the foundation's scientific method was sound, but the testing counted the levels of all coliforms, some of which are not harmful, instead of just fecal coliform.

On June 22, the Surfrider Foundation, an international nonprofit focused on the health of oceans and beaches, released test results that showed levels of fecal coliform in the Golden Gardens stream three to four times what is acceptable by state regulations.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, fecal coliform is not usually harmful itself, but it can indicate the presence of harmful pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Swimming and eating shellfish from an area with high levels of fecal coliform may pose a health risk.

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Michael Harthorne

Test results by the Surfrider Foundation showing high levels of fecal coliform in the stream at Golden Gardens were inaccurate, according to a statement released by the organization.

As his 17-foot-tall bronze welcome figure settled onto its pedestal at the Salmon Bay Natural Area July 14, artist Marvin Oliver turned to his family and helpers and beamed.

The statue – meant to celebrate Puget Sound salmon and local indigenous cultures as well as draw attention to the natural area located near the Ballard Locks at the street end of 34th Avenue Northwest – was first announced June 2009. Since that time, the project suffered a number of fits and starts.

Groundswell NW, the nonprofit that partnered with the city to bring the welcome figure to Ballard, originally planned to have it installed in fall 2009. The installation was then postponed to early June 2010 before being moved to this week.

"I don't consider them delays," said Oliver, an artist of Quinault heritage and a curator at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture. "For me, it's right on time."

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Michael Harthorne

Artist Marvin Oliver stands next to his newly installed welcome figure at the Salmon Bay Natural Area as Blue Mountain Fine Art's Brian Joseph checks the base July 14. CLICK IMAGE FOR MORE PHOTOS.

Seattle Parks and Recreation Acting Superintendent Christopher Williams named two future Ballard parks July 6.

This park, located at Holman Road Northwest and 13th Avenue Northwest, will be called Crown Hill Park.

The park will include ballfield renovations, walkways, entries, open space, areas for play, seating, and plantings. It is located on property recently purchased from the Seattle Public Schools.

Parks originally worked on developing the property into a park through the 2000 Pro Parks Levy, but the project was put on hold in 2006 after Seattle Public Schools declared the Crown Hill School and adjacent land a surplus and put it up for sale.

The City of Seattle purchased the property in March 2009 for $5.4 million. The project is now getting underway again.

This 1.71-acre acquisition fulfills one of Crown Hill’s longstanding community goals in its neighborhood plan. The 2008 Parks and Green Spaces Levy development funding of $1.2 million will contribute to completing the design and construction of the park.

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Courtesy of Seattle Parks and Recreation

The new park at the former Crown Hill Elementary will be called Crown Hill Park (top), and the new park on Ninth Avenue Northwest will be called Kirke Park (bottom).

Following a widely acclaimed 2009 debut that received national attention, Seattle Parks and Recreation, the Center on Contemporary Art and the Carkeek Park Advisory Council are again collaborating on a unique, temporary outdoor sculpture trail that will run through Sept. 26 at Carkeek Park.

As before, the theme of the "Heaven and Earth II" outdoor sculpture exhibit concerns the natural world in a time of dramatic change. Some of the art is designed to weather in place and erode, while other work incorporates movement and interactive use by visitors.

The exhibition features 12 artists with 15 to 20 works located throughout the park. A walking tour of the whole exhibit takes about an hour, but visitors can see some work in much less time, including a variety of work accessible from the access road.

Maps can be downloaded for free at Center of Contemporary Art website beginning. A catalog of this year’s exhibit will be released in August.

Artists included in "Heaven and Earth II" are Big Camera Group, Barbara DePirro, Miguel Edwards, Julie Fisco, Anette Lusher, Ingrid Lahti, Julie Lindell, Piper O'Neill, Eden Rivers, Sylwia Tur, Ken Turner and Johnny Wooten.

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Michael Harthorne

"Perseus" by Miguel Edwards is one of the many components of "Heaven and Earth II," and outdoor sculpture exhibit running through Sept. 26 at Carkeek Park.

The decade in the making Junction Plaza Park will make it's debut today at 5:30 in a ribbon cutting ceremony and community celebration.

The event will feature live music and light refreshments. Seattle Parks and Recreation along with the Junction Neighborhood Association, the Seattle Parks Foundation and the West Seattle Junction Association are hosting. The 6700 square foot park is located at 4545 42nd Ave. SW.

Our most recent previous coverage on the park is here.

For more information please visit:
Seattle Parks Department Junction Plaza Park
or contact Gary Gibbons, project manager at 206-386-1511 or

junction park.jpg
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Patrick Robinson

The new Junction Plaza Park will feature a plaza, offering brick and concrete seating; a lawn with decorative benches; and a central performance area. The park has been planted with Vine Maple, Northwest Flowering Dogwood, Oregon Grape and Sword Fern.

New parking, restrooms, a skate area and "Flyers" kinetic sculpture to be part of new design

The fourth meeting for the development of 20 acres of new open space at the West Seattle Reservoir Park at Westcrest was held on Saturday 26 at the Southwest Community Center on at 2801 Thistle Street S.W. The Seattle Parks Department and Site Workshop presented the final design schematic and talked about the features, amenities, artwork and potential uses for the new space.

We've attached two downloadable images of the park design. One low rez at 150 ppi, the other high rez at 300 ppi which is a 7 megabyte image. When you open them they will appear to be quite large. You will need to scroll around to see the features and read the text.
There is also a high resolution aerial photo of the site which is also a large file.
Community ideas and direction were incorporated into the schematic design.

The West Seattle Reservoir is located at 9000 8th Ave SW. This park project is being funded to the tune of $20 million by the Parks and Green Spaces Levy approved by Seattle voters in November 2008. The West Seattle Reservoir will contain 30 million gallons of drinking water.

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Patrick Robinson

People crowd around the final site design graphic presented at a Seattle Parks and Site Workshop meeting Saturday June 26

Seattle Public Utilities informed Seattle Parks and Recreation June 25 that test results from samples taken this week at Golden Gardens Creek reveal very low levels of fecal coliform.

The test results conflict with test results released June 22 by international nonprofit Surfrider Foundation that showed high levels of fecal coliform in the creek.

Parks requested that Seattle Public Utilities take samples from the creek to determine the health and safety of the creek for recreational use, according to a Parks press release.

Sampling on June 23 confirmed that sewage from the city’s system is not entering the stream, according to the press release.

“As a result of the information released today, Public Health – Seattle & King County does not recommend closing the creek,” Charles Wu, King County Public Health & Environmental Investigator, said in the press release. “However, there is always the potential for urban streams to be contaminated from a variety of sources, including pet and wildlife waste, and so we advise people to stay out of urban creeks at all times.”

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Michael Harthorne

City tests on Golden Gardens Creek show low levels of fecal coliform, conflicting with earlier tests conducted by Surfrider Foundation.

The Seattle Parks Department and the West Seattle Junction Association with the Junction Neighborhood Association announced the ribbon cutting and community celebration for the new Junction Plaza Park. The celebration will include music, and light refreshments.

Here's the official press release:
Join in the community celebration for the new Junction Plaza Park on Tuesday, June 29, 2010 at 5:30 p.m. West Seattle Junction Association (WSJA), Junction Neighborhood Organization (JuNO), Seattle Parks Foundation, and Seattle Parks and Recreation are hosting a festive evening ribbon cutting event for this new gathering space that will include music, an official ribbon cutting and light refreshments.

"This new park will provide opportunities for community gatherings, a place to meet friends, and a place for leisure in the heart of The Junction. The Junction Association and neighborhood groups have been working towards this goal for almost 10 years, and it's a pleasure to see it underway,” says WSJA Director Susan Melrose.

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Seattle Parks Department

A 3D view of the new West Seattle Junction Plaza Park. The park will open June 29 with a ribbon cutting and community celebration.

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