At the Junction, an officer pulled over a truck with a defective taillight. A computer check showed that the owner of the truck had a suspended license. The driver admitted that he was, indeed, the owner, so he was placed into custody and transported to the SW precinct, where he was cited for the defective taillight and for the license violation. The 100-year-old man was then released.

Seven teens, ranging in age from 17-19 were caught in a disturbance and drinking alcohol in the middle of the street near Pathfinder Elementary.


After being harassed by dogs a number of times, a Ballard woman is hesitant to walk her Jack Russell terrier around her neighborhood.

Saraina would only provide her first name for fear of reprisal. She lives on Northwest 57th Street and is a vocational counselor who works from home. She normally walks her dog three times a day and alleges that on April 23, she was walking the dog on Northwest 57th Street near 15th Avenue Northwest when a large Rottweiler came down off of a neighbor's porch and started pursuing.


After being attacked by other dogs, Lylin, a Jack Russell terrier panics when hearing loud noises.

photo by Dean Wong

Y = Yes

N = No

NV = Not Voting

Alternatives to the WASL

By a vote of 33 to 10 on Feb. 10, the Senate approved SB 6475. The bill would establish three alternative ways of assessing student performance and aptitude.


While the chilly weather may encourage cuddling up to a good book or movie with a nice fire, it’s important to get to major chores in the garden.

Planting and transplanting hardy trees and shrubs should be number one on the list.

Cool temperatures and dependable rains make this the idea time for developing or adjusting the “bones” of the garden. So, get cozy with Homeland Security and secure passports for those woody plants.

Finish planting spring bulbs by mid-December to allow sufficient cold weather for proper growth.


I was saddened (and appalled) to see a large display ad in the West Seattle Herald ("Selling a New Litter") encouraging people to advertise in Robinson newspapers to "find that special new family for your little pup."

Did you not know that 15,000 dogs and cats are killed in shelters each day for lack of homes? Their blood is on the hands of those who continue to patronize breeders, puppy mills, pet stores and people who fail to spay and neuter their animals.

Please don't encourage people to breed even more animals.


Golfers at Rainier, Glen Acres and West Seattle are used to seeing many crows, ducks, sq